Monday, October 15, 2007

Transformers - RID / Car Robots - Black Convoy / Scourge / Nemesis Prime

Transformers RID / Car Robots Commercial

Black Convoy / Scourge - TRANSFORM!!!

This here is "Car Robots" - "Black Convoy". It is a straight off black repainted version of the G2 lazer Optimus Prime / Reissued G2 Prime Of Justice figure. Truth be told.. when i first saw this figure...i thought it was a completely new mold... imagine my surprise when i found out that it is actually a repainted version of G2 Lazer Optimus Prime!!! I had no idea G2 designs were so far ahead compared to the blockish and less articulated G1 toys.

Black Convoy aka Scourge aka Nemesis Prime are the typical names of a black repainted Prime figure. Black Convoy / Scourge is introduced as an evil Optimus prime like character in the Transformers Car Robots / RID series back in 2001. Since i never watched the cartoon series before..i'm gonna just talk about this solely on the toys point of view.

The posability of this figure is a real treat indeed...not to mention the very cool color scheme.. it is primarily black in color with minimal green metallic trimmings n highlights. It comes with a blaster/gun weapon as well as an "Energo Sword". Needless to say... i am a big fan of this particular mold.. there's almost nothing bad i could say about this figure.. except maybe the fragility of the chrome parts... especially the tanker. yet what's most fragile is the very same reason y this figure looks soo darn SCHWEET in vehicle mode..hehehe... It just looked awesome when u put black n chrome together :P

Robot Mode Comparison

Truck Mode Comparison

The comparison shots of all 3 figures of the same mold is a real treat indeed... I made a big mistake while i was taking the pics of them in vehicle mode... I didn't realized that the trailers all have different colors n motifs for their individual vehicle modes. It was already quite late when i took these pics and i was getting tired and sleepy. But frankly speaking..i thought they looked a heck lot more awesome all using Black Convoy's tanker...i'm sure u all would agree with me on this decision as well.. Right?? :p


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