Friday, October 19, 2007

Transformers - G1 - Triple Changer - Astrotrain

G1 - Season 2 Bumper - Astrotrain

CGI Astrotrain by Iaconcity

Decepticons Triple changer "Astrotrain", was introduced in the second season of the G1 US Transformers series back in the 80's and rightfully so.. the toy was also released in conjunction with the season 2 wave of TF Toys.


Astrotrain is arguably the best looking Triple changer character among the Decepticons and perhaps my fav among the 6 as well. He did make a fair amount of appearances in the series.. but doesn't quite play a pivoytal part in it. The most character development and screen time Astrotrain gets was in the season 2 episode "Tripple Takeover" where both Astrotrain and Blitzwing tricked Starscream into trapping Megatron in an undrground tunnel in an attempt to usurp Megatron as the leader of the Decepticons.

His next memorable role was in the 86' TF animated movie, where he transformed into his space shuttle mode to carry the injured and defeated Decepticons away from Autobot city on earth. He then appeared briefly in the post TF animated movie in the 5 part season 3 episode "Five Faces of Darkness" in a badly weakened state. He had returned to the exiled Decepticons hideout with some energon for the defeated Decepticons army who was in hiding. The sad part is... he was even too weak to fully transform into any of his individual mode to even fight over the few measly energon cubes he had brought back... kinda pitiful really... especially when he's one of my fav Tripplechanger character n toy ;p

Vintage G1 Hasbro - Astrotrain

Ok. that's enough brief history about my most fav D-Cons Tripplechanger. Now let's get to the toy. I must say... i have quite a good karma when it comes to Astrotrain, bcoz i remember having him as a kid and he was the one toy that i remembered playing with alot. I shudder to think what's the condition of my very first Astrotrain... hehehe he's probably quite banged up with missing decals n paint chip. I wouldn't be surprise if he's rusted at the screws either hehehe..i do have a nasty tendency to play with my TF toys in my parents bath tub LOL. The Astrotrain depicted above is the G1 vintage by Hasbro/Takara that i've obtained in 2001

Takara Reissued "White Astrotrain"

Anyhow... fast forward 10yrs ++ after i gave my TF toys away in 1990... Takara reissued good old Astrotrain. This time around.. Takara decided to reissue the fabled "White Astrotrain" which was a Japanese exclusive way back in 1985 as seen above. I grabbed it in a heartbeat as looking for a vintage version of this would literally cost a small fortune to obtain it :P Since i've already got 2 of this fig...i didn't bother getting the Hasbro released "Commemorative Series". When it comes to reissued vintage TF... if i have a choice..i would not get the Hasbro version.. the quality is just plain "SUCKY".

I've completely forgotten to take pics of he Takara Reissued Astrotrain bcoz i have completely forgot about it's color differences.. because i had 2 Astrotrain with me..i didn't bother checking on it, thinking that they r probably the same hehehe BIG MISTAKE!!! i only realized it's difference when i was looking up some pics online hehehe... Nonetheless..i'm glad i manage to grab this fig and he's now safe in my archives of TF toy collections hehehe

E-Hobby Astrotrain

Anyhow.. as anyone who knows me well..would know that i would always get the E-Hobby version of the Takara Book Collection toy. But sadly, E-Hobby Astrotrain is one of the very few G1 reissued E-Hobby figure that i've missed out on. For some reason.. the anime accurate colored E-Hobby Astrotrain is the most elusive of the lot. Up till this very day, i am unable to track one down locally.. I'm still looking for this particular if anyone of u have any way of getting this piece.. gimme a holler :P


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cagey said...

Awesome! I just went back to my parents' home and dug him out of the attic. Can't finger as to exactly why he's so awesome, he just is! Maybe because he's got some iconic attachment to 80s culture in that he's a space shuttle. He was also a character fave on the show - shuttling bad guys to and fro. And of course, bad guys are always cooler than good guys! Nice post, did you ever see the shinkansen "bullet train" Astrotrain?