Friday, October 19, 2007

Transformers - G1 - Triple Changer - Blitzwing

Transformers Toy Commercial - Blitzwing

CGI Blitzwing by Iaconcity

Decepticon Triple changer "Blitzwing" is the second Decepticon Tripplechanger toy to be introduced into the US Transformers series. It first made it's debut in Season 2 and makes fair appearances in the show. Like his fellow Decepticon Tripplechanger "Astrotrain".. more character development was put into this character in the season 2 episode "Tripple Takeover"...

The Exile of Blitzwing!!!

He later become an outcast in season 3 in the 5 part episode, "Five Faces of Darkness". He was pivotal in the final part of the 5 part episode, as he was responsible for thwarting the plans of the "Quintessons" to trick Galvatron into immobilizing all Transformers in Cybertron by sending galvy on a wild goose chase for a "Decepticon Matrix". Blitzwing had no choice but to ask the Autobots to help instead when Galvatron refuse to believe in Blitzwing's accusations of the Quintessons. When the "Quints" plans were thwarted.. Galvatron was furious that Blitzwing had asked the Autobots for help and exiled him from the ranks of the Decepticons.


G1 Vintage - Blitzwing

OK.. enuf with the History lessons hehehe... Now lets get to the toy. Like all G1 season 1 n 2 toys.. they are taken from Takara's Diaclone toy line mold... I am very amazed with the Japs toy designers.. imagine that this was done way back in the 70's. Even then.. they were brilliant when it comes to brainstorming toy concepts... i mean.. what can be more fun than to have a robot transform into a vehicle??... Well.. simple... a robot that transforms into TWO VEHICLES!!! :P

I remember having a Blitzwing toy as a kid.. but the thing with me is... i never have a certain toy with me long enuf as i would often have to trade it for another toy i didn't have... so it's safe to say that i never had all the Tripplechangers with me at one time. Just like my vintage "Astrotrain".. i got my vintage "Blitzwing" in 2001 on E-Bay. The vintage Blitzwing is still with me...

Takara Book Collection - Blitzwing

Blitzwing n Overcharge Comparison

When Takara reissue good old Blitzwing on their "Book Collection Series"... i couldn't resist on a chance to get a 100% complete Blitzwing figure in all it's minty fresh glory hehehe :P. Along with this reissue... an E-Hobby version was also released. It is in it's original Diaclone color named "Overcharge". I'll be featuring this toy in my next posting after this.. :)


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