Monday, October 15, 2007

Transformers - E-Hobby - G2 - Ultra magnus

E-Hobby - G2 Lazer Prime Mold - Ultra Magnus

This here is an E-Hobby Exclusive "Ultra magnus". It is a straight off white repainted version of the G2 Lazer Optimus Prime / Reissued G2 Prime Of Justice figure. As you could probably see here in the first pic of the boxed figure.. it actually came with a light blue colored tanker trailer as opposed to pic of the ones i took of it.. That's because i was too lazy to get the trailer from storage as it's stashed somewhere in the multitude of boxes i have...But more importantly... i find that the chrome trailer that originally belonged to Car Robots - Black Convoy, suits this mold far far better :)

Although this is an E-Hobby still doesn't escape the fact that once again.. Ultra Magnus is a straight repaint of a Prime mold which once again makes poor old Magnus... Primes "BEEYOTCH"!!! LOL

Robot Mode Comparison

Truck Mode Comparison

Anyone who love this mold have got to get all three colors and display em together... I assure u... u'll get chills just seeing these 3 "Primes" together Hehehe..


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