Saturday, October 20, 2007

Transformers - G1 - Triple Changer - Octane

Transformers Triplechanger Octane Commercial

Decepticon Triple Changer "Octane" was first introduced in Season 3 of the US Transformers series. He is the 3rd and final Decepticon Triple Changer to be introduced into the series and perhaps the only Decepticon Triple Changer to have a more memorable fleshed out character compared to Astrotrain and Blitzwing.

Behold - Triple Changers!!!

Unusual Friendship

Octane made his debut as somewhat of a double crosser by planning to use Trypticon to usurp Galvatron's leadership of the Decepticons. Ofcourse he was exiled and hunted down by the Decepticons for that. He soon seeks sanctuary from the Autobots and befriended the Autobot Triple Chnager "Sandstorm" as seen in the clip above, when Galvatron sends the Combaticons to hunt him down.

Starscream's Ghost

While running away from his pursuers.. he stumbled into the burial chambers of the deceased Decepticons from Season 1 and 2. This is where he first encountered Starscream's ghost.. who forced octane into helping him in getting revenge from Galvatron... After that.. he was never seen again in the entire season.. it's ironic that the only reason y Octane is memorable is solely due to the fact that he was a defected Decepticon double crosser and that he was used as a tool of vengeance by Starscream's ghost.

Ok.. let's talk about the toy now... like i said earlier on, Octane was introduced into the series in season 3 after the 86' TF animated movie and so was the toy. Octane is the only Decepticon Triple Changer toy that was not taken from the Diaclone mold. He is arguably the most sought after among the 3.. perhaps of that same reason as well.

Just like Astrotrain and Blitzwing.. i remember having Octane as well when i was a kid.. mainly bcoz i distinctively remember that i was happily parading him and my other TF toys on a trolley in the veggie market after I've helped my mum set up her stall hehehe...i was quite a showoff then LOL. I remember that his chrome shiled was badly tarnished due to the fact that i used to pile my TF toys all into a plastic bag n haul em around with me wherever i go ... so u can just image the chrome n decals damage Hahahaah :P. I am almost certain that I've traded him off for another TF toy bcoz by the time i gave my TF toys to my cuz in 1990..i don remember having him in my possession anymore :P

Anyhow... i manage to get Octane again around the same time i got Astrotrain n Blitzwing in 2001/02.. and it's still with me till this day. I almost sold him off a few times due to financial constrains but I'm glad i didn't succeed in it... So far, he's the only Decepticon Triple Changer that hasn't been reissued yet by TakaraTomy...but with the coming of the "Transformers Encore" series... one can never know what surprises they will pull out of their hats :p

Anyhow..i can't wait for next year's Classics 2.0 toy series by Hasbro to be released as there would be a revamped anime accurate n super posable Triple Changer Octane toy made for this line. So far Astrotrain had already gotten the Classics treatment... can't wait for Blitzwing to join the fray ;p


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