Monday, October 15, 2007

Transformers G2 - Lazer Optimus Prime

G2 Reissued - Lazer Optimus Prime

This here is a Re-issued G2 Lazer Optimus Prime from 2006. The reissued version is called G2 Prime Of Justice. For almost 5 yrs, i've been hunting for this particular Optimus Prime mold ever since i i got the car Robot's Black Convoy figure. This particular mold is awesome indeed... but i must say.. the decals applied on this figure are very very very LAME n CHEESY!!! I have to put alot of effort to restrain myself from ripping off all the garish decals so that this mold would be of pure g1 prime color. Alas..i feel like i would be mutilating a perfectly good toy.. eventhough i wanna pluck out my eyeballs whenever i look at the decals LOL... But i guess i would have to console myself with the fact that this particular mold is one of my fav toy mold of all time :P

I am sure u would have noticed by now that the tanker i used for this figure is totally different from that of the ones in the boxed pic heheh... well, that is explained below :P My bad!!! hehehe

Robot Mode Comparison

Truck Mode Comparison

The comparison shots of all 3 figures of the same mold is a real treat indeed... I made a big mistake while i was taking the pics of them in vehicle mode... I didn't realized that the trailers all have different colors n motives for their individual vehicle modes. It was already quite late when i took these pics and i was getting tired and sleepy. But frankly speaking..i thought they looked a heck lot more awesome all using Black Convoy's tanker...i'm sure u all would agree with me on this decision as well.. Right?? :p


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