Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Transformers G1 - All Prime Mold

Diaclone: "Battle Convoy" Diaclone Optimus Prime Commercial

All Prime Robot Mode

All Prime Truck Mode

Transformers G1 Optimus Prime commercial

G1 Optimus Prime

Jafcon Black Optimus Prime

Pepsi Optimus Prime

G1 Ultra Magnus

Diaclone Ultra Magnus

Shining Ultra Magnus

Well guys... I'm not gonna give a long commentary on these babies hehhe.. pictures r worth a million words... The various repaints of G1 Prime molds here are my pride and joy. As u guys can see here.. I only collect Prime mold that's exactly identical to the vintage G1 mold. I do not collect Prime with short smoke stacks. I have always been an "All Prime" mold collector... Short of the latest Ipod Magnus, have most of em.

I do have the vintage G1 Prime with me with box and all but I'm not gonna bother to take pics of all the same "Optimus Prime" figures lol.. I have yet to make up my Mind to get the "Encore series" Optimus Prime. Technically,it's the same fig with same paint applications with minor differences.. but perhaps i will get it if i have any loose change lying around :P I have yet to hunt down a "Diaclone Battle Convoy" as well as G2 Prime with black trailer :P The Hunt Continues!!!

I will be doing a feature on each of the Prime molds individually in the future, for now.. Enjoi!!! :)



Dante said...

How can Nobody of left a frackin comment on this????
The Post is awesome.
I'm trying to track down a later version of Optimus Prime that in vehicle mode he had a little minicon in the front of the truck, this would have been at least 18-20 yeas ago. I'm sure the little guy transformed into a little bot but if Def fit in at the front? Any Idea's?
I wish I still had some of my G1's Metroplex, Scorpinoc Ultra Magnus, Many Primes. Also do you know if a Black Optimus Prime ever wound up in a cartoon ep, A copy made bad????

Dante said...
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