Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Transformers - E-Hobby - Diaclone - Ultra Magnus

Diaclone: "Powered Convoy" Diaclone Ultra Magnus

The Diaclone Ultra Magnus is from the Pre-Transformers line by Takara named "Powered Convoy". As seen in the Diaclone toy commercial above... it is pretty clear that "Powered Convoy" wasn't meant to be a stand alone character..but more of a drone.

I guessed it's a joined decision of both Hasbro n Takara to finally use this particular mold for a Transformer toy... I mean, i makes sense...since the cab is literally a G1 Optimus Prime cab n robot. Ultra Magnus is also the last and only Transformer toy taken from the Diaclone line. Especially since magnus made his debut in the 86' animated movie and was pretty much a main fixture all throughout the US series in season 3 n 4.

Transformers - The Movie 1986 ( Jap Version )

Above is an actual Jap version of the trailer for the TF animated movie of 86'. If u watch carefully... Ultra magnus actually appeared in his Diaclone color instead of the G1 Magnus color of light blue and white. I guess the dark blue and red does make him look more Decepticon than an Autobot. But i would still prefer this color scheme over the G1 version anyday :)

Diaclone Ultra Magnus

Back in 2000 when i made up my ind to go on a TF vintage hunt... never would i have imagine that i would one day get to own a Diaclone Magnus..or any other Diaclone colored TF toy for that matter... Original Diaclones are incredibly pricey on Ebay... so when it was actually reissued back in 2001...I was overjoyed. But unfortunately for me... local toy shops do not bring em in bcoz "Exclusives" are too pricey to bring in. I thought my hope of owning this particular piece is over. Thankfully, while i was browsing Ebay online one day...i saw this particular piece up for grabs.. n to make the deal even sweeter.. it comes as a set of 2 along with another exclusive Magnus figure... that being the infamous "Shining Ultra Magnus".

Ultra Magnus's Robot Modes

Ultra Magnus's Vehicle Modes

Up till this very day... these 3 babies remain as some of my most precious addition in my collection and i know most would be screaming at me for opening up my Exclusives...Sorry to disappoint em, but i am a firm believer of opening up my toys.. may it be super rare or exclusive.. there is just no joy in owning a joy by keeping it sealed and not opening up to enjoy the toy atleast once hehehe :p


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