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Transformers G1 - Powermaster Optimus Prime

Ttansformers Powermasters Marvel Comics Commercial

The Powermasters is the 3rd incarnation of a concept that introduces human or Nebulan partners as an integral part of a Transformer. The first two being, Headmasters and Targetmasters which was introduced in the 4th season 3 part series "The Rebirth". The powermaster concept was never seen in the US animated series, however it was introduced in the US Transformers comics by "Marvel Comics" in the late 80's.

Transformers Powermaster Optimus Prime Commercial

Powermaster Optimus Prime - I first came across Powermaster Optimus Prime reading the Transformers comics by Marvel Comics back in the late 80's. Back then, the idea of Optimus Prime merging with his trailer to become an even bigger and more powerful Optimus Prime was refreshing.. but sadly, this concept have been repeated and abused to hell. Especially when newer incarnation of Prime seems to be a super wuss as he is always too dependent on merging with either his trailer components or another Autobot just to be a match with Megatron/Galvatron in battle.

Anyhow,Powermaster Optimus Prime never made an appearance in the US animated series but it did showed up in the Jap series of "Masterforce". The concept for this series is very Gundam-esque, as the bots r more like mindless exo-suits while the humanoid character is the one controlling the bot. The worst part is the introduction of very garish and ridiculous "Bangles" where the humanoid characters would be wearing em.. usually in both hands...and in order for the humanoid character to transmogrify into the "powermaster" exo-suit, he or she would have to bang both bangles together. This concept is highly off beat in my opinion. Especially when the bots lost all personalities of their own and instead serve as oversized exo-suits to the humanoid characters.

G1 Vintage Powermaster Optimus Prime

Ok, that's enuf bashing of the Jap "Masterforce" series heheh... as i am sure that there r those of u out there who loved it and would be coming after me with a machete if i continue to beeyotch on it LOL.

Now let's talk about the toy. As i have mentioned b4... i could never afford an Optimus Prime figure back in my childhood days. When i got the TF vintage bug, i went around frantically hunting for vintages and Optimus Prime was at the top of my want list.Unfortunately, back in 2000, there wasn't any G1 Optimus Prime available at all..i had to resort to go into chat rooms n ask around if anyone got one. I was told to go look for it on Ebay... and back then.. even a rag tag g1 prime cost a bomb, so u can imagine how much it would be after shipment charges.. ECKS!!!

I finally caught a big break when i saw the vintage Powermaster Prime in my fav toy shop. It was selling for RM600.00... that's roughly USD157++... I bought it in a heart beat. Thinking that i would be satisfied with this Powermaster Prime... but it's just not the same when it's not the original G1 Prime with trailer hehehe...

G1 Reissue Powermaster Optimus Prime

The second Powermaster Prime i got was around 2001/2002. This is a Takara reissue called "God Ginrai" which comes with another trailer/robot name "God Bomber". This figure would further push the idea of Prime merging with just his original trailer component, but he could also merge with God Bomber. Since i am not a big fan of the whole merging gimmick with God Bomber.. i didn't bother take pics of it here.. But perhaps i will in the future :P

There is another version of this reissued "God Ginrai" figure.. it is released as an Exclusive figure under E-Hobby. The figure is generally a bright orange version of this figure called - "Fire Guts God Ginrai". I have yet to add this particular figure into my collection.. i missed out on it back in 2003 and then again at 2004 and it's fricking expensive nowadays!!! If i were to get this figure..i would really have to save up for it :P

E-Hobby Nucleon Quest- Black Powermaster Optimus Prime

My third and most fav Powermaster Prime fig is this figure, an E-Hobby Exclusive figure named - "Nucleon Quest - Black Powermaster Optimus Prime". This particular is a direct black repaint of the G1 Powermaster Prime mold without God Bomber. This particular fig is definitely one of my Pride and Joy among my Optimus Prime collections. I'm pretty much a big fan of black repainted exclusive figures which i have affectionately called em my "Blackies" Hehehe...


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Cyclonus said...

Hello, whats the country of fabrication of the Original vintage Powermaster prime??
I just got one from e-bay, and it seems to be the vintage one, but it says Thailand, I was expecting it to have stamped Japan