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Transformers G1 - Galvatron

Megatron morphs into Galvatron!!!

Galvatron - The new and deadlier albeit less crafty leader of the Decepticon compared to Megatron... Kinda weird actually, considering that he looks a heck lot better than Megatron and supposedly more powerful as well because he was reformatted by "Unicron". yet he's not even half as clever and menacing as Megatron.. i guess this is why up till this day.. Megatron is a much bigger fan fav character compared to Galvatron. Perhaps his lack of ingenuity is to match the uninspiring lousy leadership of the new Autobot leader - Rodimus Prime.

Galvatron was introduced into the Transformers mythos in the 1996 Transformers anime movie as the new leader of the Decepticons. He's the product of Unicron reformatting him from the battered form of Megatron. He continue to make appearance regularly as the leader of the Decepticons in Season 3 and 4 of the US Transformers series as well as the Japanese "Headmasters" series.

The above video clip showcase 2 of the most memorable scenes in the history of Transformers in the 96' anime movie. The reformatting of Megatron into Galvatron by Unicron and the introduction of Cyclonus and Scourge and the Sweeps. It also shows the final demise of Starscream by Galvatron, when he blast poor old screamer into smithereens in his newly reformatted cannon form...

Ever since then.. almost all Transformers toy line would have a Megatron toy which will eventually be repainted in a different color scheme and be named "Galvatron"

Transformers G1 Galvatron Commercial (Jap)

Transformers G1 Galvatron Commercial (US)

Transformers G1 Galvatron Commercial (uk)

The above TV commercials for Galvatron are identical to the ones i have posted for my review on Ultra Magnus.

Anime Accurate Galvatron

With the reissue of G1 Galvatron, Takara decided to finally do Galvy justice by giving him his original anime accurate purple color scheme. This is indeed a treat for me and all the G1 fans out there... it is a long time coming for Galvy to be presented in it's original purple color and not the G1 vintage grey color scheme.

Below are both versions of the recently reissued G1 Galvatron's.. This time around, Takara released a G1 anime accurate color scheme for it's regular released Galvatron figure whereas the old G1 vintage Grey colored version is an E-Hobby exclusive figure. The only difference between these reissues and the Vintage figs are the extra diecast Autobot Matrix, which are actually quite heavy. it comes with a short chain where the matrix could be fixed to form a short medallion like chain to be worn by the Galvatron figure in robot mode. The E-Hobby version spots a green Matrix as opposed to the normal silver matrix on the regular released figure. The green matrix is supposedly the fabled "Decepticons Matrix of Leadership".

Galvatron Comparison Robot Mode

The first time i ever hold a vintage G1 Galvatron toy in my hand was back in the late 80's where a close friend of mine lend it to me. Back then i was like... WOW.. this is a very cool toy indeed...and it's BIG too.. n have electronics that gives out lights n sounds.. how cool is this toy??!!!

Fast forward to 2001... I manage to get a vintage Galvatron figure but it's crown in bot mode was chipped... I had to convince myself that my Galvy is a battle damaged Galvy heheh pathetic huh? But even back then, a Galvy with a chipped crown is worth alot.. bcoz most loose vintage Galvy is missing it's arm mounted cannon. Mine was it's still worth quite a few pretty pennies :P

But alas, i had to sell it off around 2002 due to financial problem and i need the cash for my college tuition fees. I had to sell off quite a few rare vintage TF's to do so.. up till this day..i am still aching over the fact that i had to sell off my vintages inclusive of Galvy. But thankfully i manage to get a junker Galvy around 2003 who is missing the cannon.. and finally in 2006, i got the reissued Galvy by Takara.

Galvatron Comparison Cannon Mode

Takara who is ever the smart toy manufacturer of Transformers.. Not only dis they reissued the much desired G1 "Galvatron" toy, they decided to make TWO of them!!! One, a G1 anime accurate pruple colored version and the second one a vintage grey color Galvy under the E-Hobby exclusive banner.. whereby catering to those who prefer either the grey vintage color or the purple anime accurate color... clever buggers... ever vigilant in milking the fans for every penny we r worth LOL


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