Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Transformers - E-Hobby - G1 - Galvatron

The Birth of Galvatron!!!

Galvatron makes his debut in the 86' Transformers animated movie... and anyone who is atleast 10 yrs of age at that time was blown away when Megatron morphs into Galvatron . In a way, he would have been considered a quasi spawn of Unicron.. since Unicron did gave him his new form and name, not to mention... the morphing of the Seekers n Insecticons into Cyclonus and Scouge with his Sweeps. Though i have no idea whatever happened to Cyclonus' armada hehehe i guess that must have been a fluke. Anyhow... thanks to the introduction of Galvatron into the Transformers mythos... almost all reincarnation of a TF series comes with a Megatron that eventually morphs into a more powerful Galvatron. However... G1 is the only series where Galvatron gains a new look and form.. all the other TF series just repaints a Megatron figure and pass him off as a Galvatron.

E-Hobby G1 Reissue Galvatron

G1 Galvatron made a come back in 2006 and I think it's safe to say that all the fanbois r not expecting this at all. No one was expecting Galvatron to be the next candidate to be reissued by Takara. Especially when there are many figures from season 1 n 2 of the US TF series that never quite made it as a reissued figure... Wheeljack, Sunstreaker, Mirage and Reflector to name a few.

Takara did a real number on us with the reissue of Galvy... they decided to go ahead n make a regular mass market version of Galvy in anime accurate colors.. and cleverly made this grey G1 toy accurate version as an E-Hobby Exclusive. To me it's kind of a bitter sweet ordeal.. it's sweet that they r making a purple anime accurate Galvy..but at the same would mean that i would have to get both version since it just doesn't feel G1-ish with a new purple Galvy instead of the vintage colored Galvy that we have come to recognize n know as original G1 Galvy ;p

This E-Hobby Galvy comes with extra kibbles.. that being a small diecast Matrix figure with a short chain. I'm very impressed with the use of real die cast metal instead of a chromed piece as the Matrix. The main difference of it between the mass produced n the E-Hobby version is it's color. The E-Hobby version's Matrix is green in color... perhaps represented as the fabled Decepticon Matrix of Leadership.

Well.. anyway u cut it... I'm happy to have both pieces. There's no better treat than to have a brand new toy that was made 20++ years ago that u've always wanted but could never afford as a kid heheh... Don't get me wrong..i'm all for vintage... But reissues are way way cheaper than having to fork out RM250 onwards for a loose vintage figure.. But with the now fickle minded TakaraTomy.. we can never be sure what's coming up next. I don see why both Hasbro n TakaraTomy couldn't reissue the whole G1 line.. there is clearly a market for it... instead they hide behind the excuse of the original molds have either been destroyed or missing.. C'mon..if China can make perfect knock-offs out of these so called "Lost" molds... y can't the original company do it? :P


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