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Transformers G1 - Hot Rod

CGI Hotrod by Iaconcity

Autobot Cavalier "Hot Rod" is the quintessential example of a free spirited youth in all aspect of the word. He made his debut in the annuls of Transformers history in the 86" Transformers animated movie. I remember how incredibly excited i was the first time i saw this new and cool looking Autobot. Not only does he look good in robot form.. his vehicle form is pretty sweet too. He is portrayed as a cocky young Autobot whose over confidence in himself is put to the test all throughout the movie.

Prime's Death - HotRod's Destiny

But the introduction of Hotrod could have backfired badly with fans throughout the world. Especially when he was the one indirectly responsible for the death of Optimus Prime in Megatron's hand. To top it off.. he intercepted the passing of the "Autobot Matrix of Leadership" that had fallen from the dying grasp of Optimus Prime, which was originally intended for Ultra Magnus... Poor Ultra Magnus, he just can't catch a break LOL.

He was basically the heart and soul of the entire movie as it is more of a journey for him to discover his potential for something far greater... His appearance as Hot Rod was pretty much almost a one time deal as he was no longer Hot Rod by the end of the movie and didn't revert back to HotRod until almost the end of Season 3 of the US animated series.

I'll get back to this in a while...Now let us talk about my experience with the toy itself. :P

G1 HotRod 2000/2001 Reissue

I am not very sure if i did have a Hot Rod toy as a kid... bcoz i seems to have jumbled up memories of ever transforming one. Afterall, if i never had one b4, how did i know how to transform it when i finally got myself one in 2000??? But then again, u don't have to be a rocket scientist to transform a G1 Transformer toy neeways LOL

G1 Vintage/Reissue HotRod

Anyhow i finally mange to get myself a minty fresh Hot Rod around 2000/01 when it was reissued by Takara in it's G1 style box. I actually had to sell off my first HotRod shortly after in 2002 due to financial problems, but i manage to get it again in the later half of that year... It is a good feeling to have a very sought after fan fav toy in my hands.. and transforming it is a real treat as well. Short of it being super articulated.. this toy is still pretty sweet even though it's a typical G1 blockish robot with very few or little articulations.

In my 8 yrs as a Transformers toy collector, there are only a handful of TF toys that is a "Must Get" for me.. and HotRod is definitely one of them. I have got 3 different version of G1 Hot Rod toy to date and they are among my most prized possessions.

Arise Rodimus Prime!!!

Ok, Let us get back to the movie now... as I've said earlier, HotRod's appearance was pretty much a one time deal when he first made his debut in the animated movie bcoz by the end of the movie, he was transformed by the power of the "Matrix" into the new leader of the Autobots - "Rodimus Prime". Aside for being the one single handedly destroying the chaos bringer "Unicron" with the power of the Matrix.. Rodimus Prime was a super lame leader and pale in comparison with Optimus Prime.

The downfall of the Transformers series in the US is pretty much Rodimus Prime's fault. His leadership is often mediocre and often borders at idiotic. I guess it is due to this that they decided to bring Optimus Prime back towards the end of the season. I remember breathing a sigh of relief when Rodimus returns the Matrix to Optimus Prime as the leader of the Autobots and he reverting back to the cocky young Hot Rod once more. Hot Rod later becomes a "Targetmaster" in the Season 4, 3 part mini series "The Rebirth", which is also marks the end of the Transformers TV series in the US.

HotRod's Comparison

Depicted above are the 3 G1 Hot Rod's i mentioned that's currently in my possession. From Left to Right.. G1 Vintage/Reissued HotRod, G1 Vintage Reissued Targetmaster Hot Rod and E-Hobby Exclusive clear crystal HotRod. Each of these figures are featured in their own individual postings to do them justice..

Unfortunately for us, the name "HotRod" can and will never be used for this character by "HaskaraTomy" again as the name is no longer copyrighted under them. Throughout the years in the various revival of the Transformers series... various characters have been portrayed as "Hot Rod-like", but none is named Hot Rod anymore.. Infact he's been renamed as "Hot Rodimus" and "Rodimus Major", which sounded immensely corny LOL. But in the memories of every old school G1 Transformers fan.. he will always be known as "Hot Rod"!!!


Transformers - G1 - Targetmaster Hot Rod

Transformers Season 4 Opening

After the 3rd season of the Transformers animated series in the US, HotRod is finally back with us as the likable hotshot he is, in the Season 4, 3 part seires "The Rebirth". The entire series was technically geared towards the introduction of the Headmasters and Targetmasters toys. This time around, HotRod is back to his old fun loving and carefree ways... happy to have shed himself of the name "Rodimus Prime" and the mantle of "Leader of the Autobots"... Bcoz frankly speaking... Rodimus couldn't lead ants on a picnic!!! LOL

HotRod is now back and is drafted into the ranks of the "Targetmasters" a concept derived from the Headmasters concept.. but instead of having heads that transform, the Targetmasters have weapons that transforms into a robot which serves as an Exo-suit for Nebulans whom they are binary bonded to.

HotRod is now binary bonded to his Nebulan Targetmaster "Firebolt" which in turns serves as a "Electrostatic Discharger Rifle".

G1 Targetmaster HotRod Reissue

I am not very sure if i ever had an original G1 HotRod before.. but i am sure as hell that I've never had a "Targetmaster HotRod" before. The only Autobot Targetmaster i remember owning was "Pointblank".. but that's another story hehehe :)

Anyhow, thanks to Takara and the reissued "Book Cover" series.. i finally got myself a Targetmaster HotRod figure. This toy is still pretty much minty fresh.. taken out only to take th pictures u see above. No sense in opening up yet another HotRod figure and risk getting it's chrome parts tarnished .. right?? ;p

G1 HotRod's Comparison

Well, the pics above are of the 3 different HotRod figures i have in my possession. This pic is just for pure reference purpose only, to see the minor difference among the three.. But it's a real kick to put em together and take pics of them.. there's a sense of satisfaction in this hehehe...


Transformers - E-Hobby - Crystal Hot Rod

E-Hobby Crystal Hotrod

This here is an E-Hobby, Clear Crystal version of G1 HotRod. Ofcourse it is not made of clear crystals... but rather it's basically clear colored plastics. This figure was released as a set of 2 exclusive E-Hobby HotRod's back in 2001. The other Exclusive HotRod figure that comes along as a set with this is a "Black HotRod"

I got this figure in 2002 on an online auction together with the original reissued HotRod. Unfortunately, i was unable to secure the black version as i am a big fan of TF's that are repainted "Black" hehehe... But nonetheless, this figure remains as my fav among the three HotRod's i have. There's something really cool about a clear version of a toy... and eversince it's success, Takara have been churning out "Black" and "Clear Crystal" version of TF toys as exclusives.

The tech spec translation obtained from reads...

..."His life targeted by Black Rodimus, Hot Rodimus escapes into the legendary cavern known as the Crystal Cave. Just as he is cornered, the power of a crystal fountain spouting at his feet changes him into a crystal-coated form, and limitless light flows out from within him. Bathed in that light, Black Rodimus finds the evil heart implanted within him by Megatron expunged, and he is reborn as a heroic Cybertron

Hot Rod's Comparison

Nothing much to say really as this is basically a straight copy of g1 HotRod mold except for the fact that's made of clear colored plastics... The pics above are for reference purpose to highlight the minor differences among the 3 HotRod's... but it's pretty cool posing all 3 of em together huh? hehehe :P


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Transformers G1 - All Prime Mold

Diaclone: "Battle Convoy" Diaclone Optimus Prime Commercial

All Prime Robot Mode

All Prime Truck Mode

Transformers G1 Optimus Prime commercial

G1 Optimus Prime

Jafcon Black Optimus Prime

Pepsi Optimus Prime

G1 Ultra Magnus

Diaclone Ultra Magnus

Shining Ultra Magnus

Well guys... I'm not gonna give a long commentary on these babies hehhe.. pictures r worth a million words... The various repaints of G1 Prime molds here are my pride and joy. As u guys can see here.. I only collect Prime mold that's exactly identical to the vintage G1 mold. I do not collect Prime with short smoke stacks. I have always been an "All Prime" mold collector... Short of the latest Ipod Magnus, have most of em.

I do have the vintage G1 Prime with me with box and all but I'm not gonna bother to take pics of all the same "Optimus Prime" figures lol.. I have yet to make up my Mind to get the "Encore series" Optimus Prime. Technically,it's the same fig with same paint applications with minor differences.. but perhaps i will get it if i have any loose change lying around :P I have yet to hunt down a "Diaclone Battle Convoy" as well as G2 Prime with black trailer :P The Hunt Continues!!!

I will be doing a feature on each of the Prime molds individually in the future, for now.. Enjoi!!! :)


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Transformers - G1 - Decepticons Headmasters

Marvel Comics - Transformers Headmasters

Transformers Headmasters is a very interesting concept that was introduced in both the US and Jap TV series as well as Marvel Comics.. However, each had their own take on the whole introduction and evolution of this concept.

Marvel Comics - Transformers Headmaster #1 (1987)

I first came across the Transformers Headmasters back in 1987 when Marvel Comics released a 4 part mini series which got me hooked on a whole new generation of Transformers toys and extra playability in terms of the toys. I can't really recall much about the difference between the Season 4, 3 part series - "The Rebirth" and the 4 part "Headmasters" mini series by Marvel Comics. But there are a few distinct differences that i still remembers clearly...

1. Fortress Maximus wasn't built by Spike in Nebulos (Compared to the US Season 4 animated version to that of Marvel Comics version), nor was he the original Headmaster for Fort Max. The original Headmaster to "Cerebros" was the Nebulan leader "Galen" which in turn makes "Cerebros","Fort Max" Headmaster.

2. The comics series did not introduce Arcee as a Headmaster like she did in the 3 part Season 4 series - "The Rebirth".

3. The Nebulans introduced in Marvel Comics were more like Earth inhabitants with similar skin tones n features... whereas the US Season 4 Nebulans have green skin tones indicating and differentiating them as aliens n Nebulans.

To read more about the history behind, Transformers Headmasters.. pls proceed to

Transformers Season 4 Opening

Back in the late 80's everything was substantially slow by atleast a year or two, So naturally..i only caught wind of the existence of Season 4 around 1990. A friend of mine had bought the video tape of "Transformers - The Rebirth" and was happily parading it in front of me. taunting me by telling me about how awesome the 3 part series is. I practically had to beg him to get him to lend it to me... I am sure i had to do something unimaginable only to get my friend to lend it to me LOL.. But it was well worth the effort :P

Sure enough... the show kick major @$$!!! Not only were the Headmasters introduced in the show... the Targetmasters are there as well!! Other new characters were also introduced... like the Throttlebots, the clones and Punch/Counterpunch to name but a few. Oddly enough.. Arcee was drafted into the ranks of the Headmasters with Spike's son, Daniel as her Headmaster.

I'm not sure how the story goes for the Jap "Headmasters" anime series goes as i am incredibly disgusted with it when i got a set of the series back in 2001 and watched it. Listening to the incredibly cheesy voice over and dialog simply turned me off. Hence, ever since then...i am not a big fan of Jap inspired Transformers anime.

Transformers G1 Horrorcons Commercial

OK.. now let's get to the toys. As expected... toys are introduced to accompany the Headmasters and Targetmasters concept from both the comics and animated series. The tag line had also changed from "Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye" to Transformers - More... Much More Than Meets the Eye on the toy catalog for the US Season 4 characters as well as the Jap Headmasters series.

Transformers Catalog - Decepticons (1987)

The Headmasters toys, although typically blockish in looks like most G1 Vintage Transformers toys, was a fresh addition to it's playability. So without further ado... i will now talk about the Decepticons Headmasters toys in my possession and the fun memories i have of them :)

Decepticon Headmaster Horrorcons - Snapdragon

Decepticon Horrorcons Headmaster "Snapdragon" with Headmaster "Krunk" - I first came across this toy around 1988/89. It belonged to a classmate of mine who had brought it to school to show it off for all to see. As usual.. being the kid of a below average income parents.. all i could do was just sit at a corner and look at the toy from a distance. I'm not sure about the details of it all.. but somehow, that classmate borrowed this toy to me. That means.. i get to bring it home and play with it for a few days. I'm not sure how things work nowadays.. but back in the 80's.. borrowing a toy to a friend is as good as money or a binding contract of friendship!!! LOL.

Anyhow, after playing with it for a few days, i had to return the toy back to my classmate. Upon returning the toy to it's rightful owner... i guessed i must have looked rather sad n immensely pathetic becoz my classmate took one look at me and said..."You look SAD... Keep the toy" and just walked off. Now, i have come a long way since then and would never let myself be so pathetic... but back then, it was a totally different story. Who cares if i was treated like a beggar in some alley... I got myself a SNAPDRAGON toy for FREE!!! This was one such example of my TF toys being a "Charity Projects" of my wealthier friends. But alas.. i gave it away along with my other TF toys to my cuz in 1990.

Fast Forward to 2003, It was my Birthday and i decided to treat myself by getting myself a vintage MISB Snapdragon from a fellow TF collector and friend. My friend is pretty notorious for being able to track down just about any vintage G1 TF toys around. Since i was sick of E-baying by then... i decided to get it from him instead. However, when i brought the figure back with me and opened up the figure... i noticed that although it appeared to be MISB, the figures have got very fine scratches on the figure. ( Yes... i do open up my toys.. even if it's "Vintage".. GASP!!! Hehehe ) Not so much as a deep scratch, but rather like what u would see if u were to scratch a toy with ur fingernails a few times. I m certain that the fig had been doctored and tampered with before reaching the hands of my friend who had sold it to me. Hence nowadays, i would never buy a vintage TF toy that comes with boxes... bcoz i am not about to pay a small fortune for it only to find out that it's been tampered with b4 -_-*

I'm currently still hunting down Snapdragon's partner in crime.. the Decepticon Headmaster Horrorcon "Apeface".. This bugger have been eluding me for almost 8 yrs now and i have sworn to get this particular piece even if i have to kill someone for it LOL

Decepticon Headmaster - Mindwipe

Decepticon Headmaster - Skullcruncher

Decepticon Headmaster - Weirdwolf

Decepticon Headmaster "Mindwipe" with Headmaster "Vorath".
Decepticon Headmaster "Skullcruncher" with Headmaster "Grax".
Decepticon Headmaster "Weirdwolf" with Headmaster "Monzo".

As a kid, i distinctively remember having both "Mindwipe" and "Skullcruncher" in my possession. Not sure how i came to own them back then...but they were all given away back in 1990 when i quit toys and went into collecting X-Men comics. It was the cool thing to do back then LOL. I never had a "Weirdwolf" toy though...

I manage to get hold of these 3 Headmasters figs complete with box and all for an incredibly cheap price back in 2003 on an online auction similar to that of E-bay. They are still with me up till this very day... Although, i could swear that i have got an extra Mindwipe stashed somewhere in some boxes among my collection.. i must try to dig it out and perhaps sell or trade him off for any figure that i am still missing LOL.

I don have much memory about these guys except that i remember that i really like playing with Skullcruncher.. and becoz of that misplaced memory.. i seems to have a stronger sentimental bond with that toy :P

Decepticon Jr Headmasters - Fangry

Decepticon Jr Headmaster "Fangry" with Headmaster "Brisko" - The Jr Headmasters were never introduced in the US series, but were pretty much regulars in the Jap's "Headmasters" or "Masterforce" series. Not quite sure which since i wasn't a fan of the series at all.

Anyhow... i never got the Jr Headmasters toys as a kid, so when i saw "Fangry" being sold in a local toy shop, i had to get him. But not without much self debating whether or not to get it. That's becoz it was selling for quite a hefty sum and the toy is considerably small. i finally bought it one day while passing by the toy shop again. It had more to do with me having nothing new to buy that day, rather than me going over to the shop specifically to buy it. I am a firm believer of fate.. if something is fated to be yours.. it will be yours in due time. Since i have been wanting to get this toy for over a period of 6 mths and it's still there in the seems like it's waiting for me to own it... now how could i resist FATE? LOL

Decepticon Jr Headmasters - Squeezeplay

Decepticon Jr Headmaster "Squeezeplay" with Headmaster "Lokos" - This too was a toy that i had never owned before as a kid and it was a treat finally holding him in my hands. I got this baby on the same online aution site as i did the original Decepticons Headmasters toys. Unfortunately, this is an incomplete figure... missing it's weapon. What pisses me off is that, the person who sold this to me actually have another complete figure of this toy but he had not put it up for auction until he had sold this to me. Nonetheless.. this is my fav among the three Decepticons jr Headmasters toys.

I am curently still missing the 3rd Decepticon Jr Headmaster "Horribull" and i am still hunting this particular piece to complete off my Decepticons Headmasters Collections :p


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Transformers - G1 - Triple Changer - Octane

Transformers Triplechanger Octane Commercial

Decepticon Triple Changer "Octane" was first introduced in Season 3 of the US Transformers series. He is the 3rd and final Decepticon Triple Changer to be introduced into the series and perhaps the only Decepticon Triple Changer to have a more memorable fleshed out character compared to Astrotrain and Blitzwing.

Behold - Triple Changers!!!

Unusual Friendship

Octane made his debut as somewhat of a double crosser by planning to use Trypticon to usurp Galvatron's leadership of the Decepticons. Ofcourse he was exiled and hunted down by the Decepticons for that. He soon seeks sanctuary from the Autobots and befriended the Autobot Triple Chnager "Sandstorm" as seen in the clip above, when Galvatron sends the Combaticons to hunt him down.

Starscream's Ghost

While running away from his pursuers.. he stumbled into the burial chambers of the deceased Decepticons from Season 1 and 2. This is where he first encountered Starscream's ghost.. who forced octane into helping him in getting revenge from Galvatron... After that.. he was never seen again in the entire season.. it's ironic that the only reason y Octane is memorable is solely due to the fact that he was a defected Decepticon double crosser and that he was used as a tool of vengeance by Starscream's ghost.

Ok.. let's talk about the toy now... like i said earlier on, Octane was introduced into the series in season 3 after the 86' TF animated movie and so was the toy. Octane is the only Decepticon Triple Changer toy that was not taken from the Diaclone mold. He is arguably the most sought after among the 3.. perhaps of that same reason as well.

Just like Astrotrain and Blitzwing.. i remember having Octane as well when i was a kid.. mainly bcoz i distinctively remember that i was happily parading him and my other TF toys on a trolley in the veggie market after I've helped my mum set up her stall hehehe...i was quite a showoff then LOL. I remember that his chrome shiled was badly tarnished due to the fact that i used to pile my TF toys all into a plastic bag n haul em around with me wherever i go ... so u can just image the chrome n decals damage Hahahaah :P. I am almost certain that I've traded him off for another TF toy bcoz by the time i gave my TF toys to my cuz in 1990..i don remember having him in my possession anymore :P

Anyhow... i manage to get Octane again around the same time i got Astrotrain n Blitzwing in 2001/02.. and it's still with me till this day. I almost sold him off a few times due to financial constrains but I'm glad i didn't succeed in it... So far, he's the only Decepticon Triple Changer that hasn't been reissued yet by TakaraTomy...but with the coming of the "Transformers Encore" series... one can never know what surprises they will pull out of their hats :p

Anyhow..i can't wait for next year's Classics 2.0 toy series by Hasbro to be released as there would be a revamped anime accurate n super posable Triple Changer Octane toy made for this line. So far Astrotrain had already gotten the Classics treatment... can't wait for Blitzwing to join the fray ;p


Friday, October 19, 2007

Transformers - G1 - Triple Changer - Blitzwing

Transformers Toy Commercial - Blitzwing

CGI Blitzwing by Iaconcity

Decepticon Triple changer "Blitzwing" is the second Decepticon Tripplechanger toy to be introduced into the US Transformers series. It first made it's debut in Season 2 and makes fair appearances in the show. Like his fellow Decepticon Tripplechanger "Astrotrain".. more character development was put into this character in the season 2 episode "Tripple Takeover"...

The Exile of Blitzwing!!!

He later become an outcast in season 3 in the 5 part episode, "Five Faces of Darkness". He was pivotal in the final part of the 5 part episode, as he was responsible for thwarting the plans of the "Quintessons" to trick Galvatron into immobilizing all Transformers in Cybertron by sending galvy on a wild goose chase for a "Decepticon Matrix". Blitzwing had no choice but to ask the Autobots to help instead when Galvatron refuse to believe in Blitzwing's accusations of the Quintessons. When the "Quints" plans were thwarted.. Galvatron was furious that Blitzwing had asked the Autobots for help and exiled him from the ranks of the Decepticons.


G1 Vintage - Blitzwing

OK.. enuf with the History lessons hehehe... Now lets get to the toy. Like all G1 season 1 n 2 toys.. they are taken from Takara's Diaclone toy line mold... I am very amazed with the Japs toy designers.. imagine that this was done way back in the 70's. Even then.. they were brilliant when it comes to brainstorming toy concepts... i mean.. what can be more fun than to have a robot transform into a vehicle??... Well.. simple... a robot that transforms into TWO VEHICLES!!! :P

I remember having a Blitzwing toy as a kid.. but the thing with me is... i never have a certain toy with me long enuf as i would often have to trade it for another toy i didn't have... so it's safe to say that i never had all the Tripplechangers with me at one time. Just like my vintage "Astrotrain".. i got my vintage "Blitzwing" in 2001 on E-Bay. The vintage Blitzwing is still with me...

Takara Book Collection - Blitzwing

Blitzwing n Overcharge Comparison

When Takara reissue good old Blitzwing on their "Book Collection Series"... i couldn't resist on a chance to get a 100% complete Blitzwing figure in all it's minty fresh glory hehehe :P. Along with this reissue... an E-Hobby version was also released. It is in it's original Diaclone color named "Overcharge". I'll be featuring this toy in my next posting after this.. :)


Transformers - G1 - Triple Changer - Astrotrain

G1 - Season 2 Bumper - Astrotrain

CGI Astrotrain by Iaconcity

Decepticons Triple changer "Astrotrain", was introduced in the second season of the G1 US Transformers series back in the 80's and rightfully so.. the toy was also released in conjunction with the season 2 wave of TF Toys.


Astrotrain is arguably the best looking Triple changer character among the Decepticons and perhaps my fav among the 6 as well. He did make a fair amount of appearances in the series.. but doesn't quite play a pivoytal part in it. The most character development and screen time Astrotrain gets was in the season 2 episode "Tripple Takeover" where both Astrotrain and Blitzwing tricked Starscream into trapping Megatron in an undrground tunnel in an attempt to usurp Megatron as the leader of the Decepticons.

His next memorable role was in the 86' TF animated movie, where he transformed into his space shuttle mode to carry the injured and defeated Decepticons away from Autobot city on earth. He then appeared briefly in the post TF animated movie in the 5 part season 3 episode "Five Faces of Darkness" in a badly weakened state. He had returned to the exiled Decepticons hideout with some energon for the defeated Decepticons army who was in hiding. The sad part is... he was even too weak to fully transform into any of his individual mode to even fight over the few measly energon cubes he had brought back... kinda pitiful really... especially when he's one of my fav Tripplechanger character n toy ;p

Vintage G1 Hasbro - Astrotrain

Ok. that's enough brief history about my most fav D-Cons Tripplechanger. Now let's get to the toy. I must say... i have quite a good karma when it comes to Astrotrain, bcoz i remember having him as a kid and he was the one toy that i remembered playing with alot. I shudder to think what's the condition of my very first Astrotrain... hehehe he's probably quite banged up with missing decals n paint chip. I wouldn't be surprise if he's rusted at the screws either hehehe..i do have a nasty tendency to play with my TF toys in my parents bath tub LOL. The Astrotrain depicted above is the G1 vintage by Hasbro/Takara that i've obtained in 2001

Takara Reissued "White Astrotrain"

Anyhow... fast forward 10yrs ++ after i gave my TF toys away in 1990... Takara reissued good old Astrotrain. This time around.. Takara decided to reissue the fabled "White Astrotrain" which was a Japanese exclusive way back in 1985 as seen above. I grabbed it in a heartbeat as looking for a vintage version of this would literally cost a small fortune to obtain it :P Since i've already got 2 of this fig...i didn't bother getting the Hasbro released "Commemorative Series". When it comes to reissued vintage TF... if i have a choice..i would not get the Hasbro version.. the quality is just plain "SUCKY".

I've completely forgotten to take pics of he Takara Reissued Astrotrain bcoz i have completely forgot about it's color differences.. because i had 2 Astrotrain with me..i didn't bother checking on it, thinking that they r probably the same hehehe BIG MISTAKE!!! i only realized it's difference when i was looking up some pics online hehehe... Nonetheless..i'm glad i manage to grab this fig and he's now safe in my archives of TF toy collections hehehe

E-Hobby Astrotrain

Anyhow.. as anyone who knows me well..would know that i would always get the E-Hobby version of the Takara Book Collection toy. But sadly, E-Hobby Astrotrain is one of the very few G1 reissued E-Hobby figure that i've missed out on. For some reason.. the anime accurate colored E-Hobby Astrotrain is the most elusive of the lot. Up till this very day, i am unable to track one down locally.. I'm still looking for this particular if anyone of u have any way of getting this piece.. gimme a holler :P