Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Transformers - G1 - Targetmaster Hot Rod

Transformers Season 4 Opening

After the 3rd season of the Transformers animated series in the US, HotRod is finally back with us as the likable hotshot he is, in the Season 4, 3 part seires "The Rebirth". The entire series was technically geared towards the introduction of the Headmasters and Targetmasters toys. This time around, HotRod is back to his old fun loving and carefree ways... happy to have shed himself of the name "Rodimus Prime" and the mantle of "Leader of the Autobots"... Bcoz frankly speaking... Rodimus couldn't lead ants on a picnic!!! LOL

HotRod is now back and is drafted into the ranks of the "Targetmasters" a concept derived from the Headmasters concept.. but instead of having heads that transform, the Targetmasters have weapons that transforms into a robot which serves as an Exo-suit for Nebulans whom they are binary bonded to.

HotRod is now binary bonded to his Nebulan Targetmaster "Firebolt" which in turns serves as a "Electrostatic Discharger Rifle".

G1 Targetmaster HotRod Reissue

I am not very sure if i ever had an original G1 HotRod before.. but i am sure as hell that I've never had a "Targetmaster HotRod" before. The only Autobot Targetmaster i remember owning was "Pointblank".. but that's another story hehehe :)

Anyhow, thanks to Takara and the reissued "Book Cover" series.. i finally got myself a Targetmaster HotRod figure. This toy is still pretty much minty fresh.. taken out only to take th pictures u see above. No sense in opening up yet another HotRod figure and risk getting it's chrome parts tarnished .. right?? ;p

G1 HotRod's Comparison

Well, the pics above are of the 3 different HotRod figures i have in my possession. This pic is just for pure reference purpose only, to see the minor difference among the three.. But it's a real kick to put em together and take pics of them.. there's a sense of satisfaction in this hehehe...


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