Monday, October 8, 2007

Transformers - Energon - Arcee's - Pt 1

Transformers Vintage - Arcee!!!

Botcon Exclusive - Arcee!!!

Transformable Model Kit - Arcee!!!

Arcee - The only "Fembot" to be featured regularly in the US Transformer animated series. First made it's debut back in 96' in the TF animated movie. She was an instant hit with the fans.. sadly up till this very day, there hasn't been an original "Haskara/Takbro" Arcee figure that based fully on the G1 robot and vehicle design. Although the name "Arcee" was used once before as "Botcon" Exclusive for the Beast Wars series using a "Black Arachnia" figure as depicted above. A model kit of Arcee was produced by a fan that upon fixing it, looks exactly like the G1 vintage Arcee in the animated series and the figure is capable of transforming into her Cybertronian vehicle mode.

Behold... ARCEE!!!

With the introduction of the Transformers Energon series... fans went wild when an Arcee figure is finally made available on retail in mass production. Although this incarnation of Arcee doesn't transforms into the G1 vintage Cybertronain car mode... but seriously.. WHO CARES!!!

This new incarnation of Arcee as a "Biker Chick" drove fan bois everywhere Ga-Ga. This particular figure was short packed and it was snapped up by fans everywhere... i myself got about 8 pcs of this particular fig hehehe. I originally wanted to repaint em all to create my own gang of Cybertronian Biker Chicks gang LOL.

Arcee's Robot Mode

Arcee's Bike Mode

Arcee's Roll Call ( Left to Right )
1. TFTM - ( Blue Energon Repaint ) - Arcee.
2. TF Superlink by Takara ( Light pink ) - Ariel.
3. Toy Dream project by Takara ( Lime Green Repaint )- Paradron Medic.
4. Transformers Energon - By Hasbro - Arcee

Needless to say... u guys can see for yourself just how much i like this particular mold. Above are the various original repainted figures using the Energon Arcee Mold. These pics were taken about 1 1/2 mths ago, with the blue TFTM Energon repainted Arcee as the latest in my collection of this particular mold. However..i have just obtained the latest repainted version of this figure under the TFTM line. The figure is named "Elita-One". Most g1 fans would know that Elita-1 is the female consort of Optimus Prime and before she was Elita-1, she was Ariel.. just as Orion Pax was, before he became Optimus Prime.

TFU - Noghtracer

I will be updating this pic in the future..or perhaps feature them all individually on their own.. The only figure of this mold that i'm still missing is "Nightracer" from a supposedly TFU line.. i'm not sure if this figure was ever released or ever made it here locally... So, to those of u who might have any knowledge about the existence of this fig.. pls do gimme a holler :)


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