Sunday, October 14, 2007

Transformers G1 - Soundblaster

Soundwave's Rebirth - Soundblaster!!!

Original G1 Soundblaster by Takara

"Soundblaster" is first introduced in the Jap "Headmasters" series as the rebirth of a destroyed "Soundwave" as a result of a one on one bash out with "Blaster" as seen in the video clip above. Since i wasn't a big fan of the jap series.. i don't really connect with this character at a personal level... But as a toy.. this figure RAWKS!!! This figure was first released in the late 80's, early 90's and was only exclusive to the Japanese toy line by Takara.. since the US line basically stopped when the US animated series ended in the 3 part series of the 4th season. Above is the original packaging of g1 Soundblaster by Takara.

Takara Reissued Book Cover Collection - Soundblaster


Takara finally reissued this retooled figure of Soundwave aka Soundblaster in their "Book Collection" series and this figure was snapped up even faster than Soundwave. This figure is indeed a sweet figure.. Aside from the fact that he is a black repainted Soundwave... everyone, well at least for me heheh. Well as i was saying, aside from being a repainted Soundwave... it is slightly retooled at it's chest compartment/cassette deck that allow it to hold 2 cassettebots. This figure comes with "Ravage" and "Buzzsaw"

Soundblaster n Soundwave Comparison

There really isn't much different in terms of it's looks n playability.. but it is always fun to have a soundwave/blaster toy. Since Soundwave is definitely a fan fav among many G1 TF fans!!!


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