Thursday, November 15, 2007

RID - Megatron Megabolt

RID's Megatron Megabolt is a physical manifestation of the Beast Machines "Floating Head/Base" Megatron. However, in the show... the floating head/base does not nor has it ever transform into a robot mode as seen in this toy which serves as it's alternate mode.

Owning this particular figure would prove to be a tricky and difficult one as it was not made available to the local market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The local Hasbro distributor have got a nasty habit of not bringing in figures from the tail end of a toy line. Maybe they thought that collectors would not be looking for figures that's towards the end of a toy line... hmmm.. WRONG!!!

Like i said earlier on, owning this piece was a tricky one. I had to go online on ebay and only manage to get 5 such pieces of this figure. i got it together with the blue Beast Wars "Transmetal II Megatron" aka "Cryotek". I have since sold off the rest of my pieces and have but only one such figure in my collection.

It was only much later did i found out that there's actually a repainted version of it released by Hasbro and then much later.. a rather brightly colored version by Takara.

I've actually missed out on the other two repaints of this figure. truth be told, i wouldn't mind having them as part of my collection... if i could hunt them down :)