Friday, October 10, 2008

Transformers - All Kup

Tribute to Kup

CGI G1 Kup by Iaconcity

G1 Vintage Kup

TFC Targetmaster Kup and Wheelie

E-Hobby Orion Pax and Deon

TFC Targetmaster Kup and Wheelie + E-Hobby orion Pax and Deon

It's been months since my last post... I originally wanted to retake pics of my TF collections as i find my older pics of em to be somewhat badly taken or not up to my irritating perfectionist standards LOL. But i decided to just go ahead with my old pics. It's gonna be a heck lot longer if i was gonna do that..bcoz i only plan to start retaking pics when i move into my new apartment.. latest by December.. and that would mean that i would most probably start taking pics of my collection in January.

Well anyways... I am gonna kick start my regular posting of my TF collection with Kup and figures that shares it's mold. What u guys see here are G1 vintage Kup, TFC Targetmaster Kup + Minibot Wheelie and E-Hobby Exclusive Orion Pax and Deon.

This is just to showcase em all in 1 post..I'll do an individual review on em later. For now... just enjoy!!!

Till All Are One!!!