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Transformers G1 - Ultra Magnus

Diaclone: "Powered Convoy" Diaclone Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus - Like most of the G1 Transformers...especially in both Season 1 n 2, the toy mold belonged to a Pre-Transformers like by Takara called "Diaclone". Ultra Magnus is the last G1 TF toy that uses the "Diaclone" line toy mold called "Powered Convoy". he's also the only Season 3 Transformer whose mold belonged to the "Diaclone" line.

The TV commercial above is the Japanese commercial of "Powered Convoy".. apparently he's more of a drone figure rather than a singular figure as seen and used in the G1 series and mythos of the Ultra Magnus we all knew and so fond of.

Transformers G1 Ultra Magnus Commercial (Jap)

Transformers G1 Ultra Magnus Commercial (US)

Transformers G1 Ultra Magnus Commercial (uk)

Above are 3 different country based TV commercials of Ultra Magnus, each with it's own flair and style to inject excitement into kids who would be watching these toy commercials. Apparently, the commercials seems to depict him more as the new Autobot leader and paired him up with the new Decepticon leader - "Galvatron" in these commercials.

Vintage G1 Ultra Magnus

Ok let's talk a little bit about the toy and it's history. Ultra Magnus made his first debut in the 1996 Transformers animated movie and is supposedly pegged as Optimus Prime's choice as the new leader of the Autobots after his untimely demise. I think this is mainly becoz his design is the only "Prime-like" design among the new Autobots that were introduced in the animated movie. But an atrocity is being committed in the movie... "HotRod" basically stole Ultra Magnus thunder when he caught hold of the matrix first, as it was falling off Prime's dying hands. Nice going there Prime... u fail to mention this minor albeit very crusial information about the passing on for the Autobot's Matrix of Leadership hehehe. Magnus continues to make regular appearances after the movie in the US series in both Season 3 and 4. He also makes regular appearances in the Japanese "Headmasters" series...where he was killed off by Sixshot!!! Poor Ultra Magnus just can't get a break!!! LOL

Ultra Magnus's Robot Modes

Now let us talk about Ultra Magnus toy mold... Poor old Magnus is forever pegged as Optimus Prime's BITCH for all time.. till now. Because the front cab of the vehicle mode for Ultra Magnus is basically the same cab and robot mold of G1 Optimus Prime. The difference in with this toy mold is the fact that the trailer transform into the armor of Ultra Magnus where the Prime- like figure is snapped onto the transformed trailer body to complete the whole Ultra Magnus figure...

As a kid, i could never afford the bigger TF toys.. especially figures like Prime n Magnus. So when i started going G1 crazy back in 2000... I made up my mind to get all Prime n Megatron figures out there. Since Ultra Magnus cab mode basically transform into a white G1 prime mold..this make this figure a must have for me.

Ultra Magnus's Vehicle Modes

I finally got a chance to get a g1 Ultra Magnus figure in 2001. I manage to get the Exclusive Diaclone colored Ultra Magnus as well as the yellow crystal version - "Shinning Magnus" in 2003. I didn't bother getting the Hasbro reissue of Ultra Magnus in 2003 as like all Hasbro reissued G1 Prime mold, it's stacks are stunted...

Anyhow.. ever since Prime's cab is used as Ulttra Magnus cab and thanks to Dreamwave's effort in depicting Magnus as a white Prime and Prime's brother. Toys of Ultra Magnus are forever presented as a white repainted Prime and pegged as Prime's BITCH for all time..

The only Ultra Magnus figs that are out there now that are not of an Optimus Prime repaint is the repainted version of TF Armada's "Overload" as well as the 6" G1 Titanium Ultra Magnus. Rumor has it that next years Classics 2.0 / TFU line would have an Ultra Magnus toy that is of a completely new mold that is not a repaint of Prime... let's keep our fingers n toes crossed.. shall we?? :P


Monday, September 24, 2007

Transformers - Beast Wars Neo - Big Convoy's !!!

Transformers - Beast Wars Neo Opening & Closing

Big Convoy's - Robot Mode

Big Convoy is tHe Optimus Prime of the Jap Beast Wars Series - "Beast Wars Neo". This had got to be one of the best "Prime" mold ever done. Not only is this figure befitting of being called a "Prime" or rather "Convoy" in the Jap series... the icing on the cake for this particular fig is the fact that it actually housed "The Matrix" inside it's chest compartment...making it the very first Prime fig with "The Matrix"!!!

Big Convoy's - Beast Mode

Since i have mentioned countless times that i am not a big fan of any completely Jap TF series... this is no different as well... I didn't bother to watch the series at all as i have had very bad experiences with TF series made by Japs.. the dialog are usually ABYSMAL!!! Hence i will be dealing with this particular character n toy solely based on the toy features alone and not the anime.

Transformation Instruction Sheet

Anyhow... ever since i first lay eyes on this particular figure in my local toy shop.. i went completely Ga-Ga over it!!! I bought my first original "Big Convoy" back in 2000 and was so impressed by it, i went on a hunt for the black version, aptly named - "Black Big Convoy". This particular figure is an Exclusive Limited Edition version of the original Big Convoy figure. It's color scheme is generally black with minimal gold trimmings n highlights. The third and final piece that i've obtained from the "Big Convoy" mold is a Transformers Universe version of this figure named - "Nemesis Prime" back in 2003. This latest addition is the only figure of this mold released by Hasbro under the TFU banner. Although it suffers from the usual Hasbro faults of suffering from loose joint syndrome... It doesn't bother me too much, especially when i am an "All Prime Collector" and this particular mold is one of my top fav Prime mold ever...

I guess it's safe to say that if there is any repainted or reissue of this particular mold/figure in the future.. I'll definitely be one of the first in line to snag it :P

I will feature these figure individually in the future to allow those of u out there a better look and understanding for my appreciation for this particular figure.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Transformers - Armada - Optimus Prime's Mold

Armada Optimus Prime's - Robot Modes

Transformers Armada Optimus Prime. This Optimus Prime mold is perhaps one of my "Top Ten" most fav Prime mold ever!!! This Prime's mold is affectionately termed by the fans as "Bendy Prime". This is prolly bcoz it's one of the most posable Prime mold ever made. U can almost tell just how much i love this Prime's mold by the multitude versions of it that i have made a point to get. OK.. Roll call Time...

Top Left - Takara Exclusive "Nemesis Prime"
Top Middle - Original Armada - "Bendy" - "Optimus Prime"
Middle - Takara Exclusive Crystal version - "Optimus Prime"
Lower Left - TF Cybertron Reissue - "Optimus Prime"
Lower Middle - TF Universe - Armada Prime Repaint - "Ultra Magnus"
Lower Right - TF Armada Prime Repaint - "Nemesis Prime"

Armada Optimus Prime's - Truck Modes

Not much to say here except that i simply love this Prime's mold and i would buy em if it is being reissued and repainted another color again.. if that ever happens, i would have to add in the new comer into this already impressive brood of "Bendy Prime" :P

This mold is far better than it's much larger counterpart that comes with a trailer that allows the front cab Prime to merge into a much larger prime affectionately termed as "Fish face/head Prime" due to the Merman like features of the face and head. I will be featuring this Armada Prime mold in the future.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Transformers G1 - Sixshot

Sixshot Toy Commercial


Decepticon Sixchanger - Sixshot. Sixshot is perhaps one of the most sought after G1 toy that have the least show time in the history of the US G1 Transformers series. Even the lame ass Triplechanger "Broadside" beats him in air time... yet his impact in the toy series was more than enough to put him into the head of the pack.

Cyberducks in a Barrel

Sixshot first made his debut appearance in the 3 part Season 4 series entitled "The Rebirth"... and what a first impression he made. He single handedly downed all 5 of the Aerialbots by transforming into his 5 attack modes and then transforms back to his robot mode and uttered a pretty memorable one liner...

..."Five up, five down... it's like shooting Cyberducks in a barrel"!!!

I remember back in 2000 when i first caught the revival of the TF G1 bug... i went G1 huning on ebay like a mad man... and my top priority must have TF figure in my "To Get" list is none other than "Sixshot"!!! back then, even a rag tag beat up Sixshot with missing weapon commands atleast USD200... That's like around RM800.. and with shipping cost and what not.. this bugger could easilly cost atleast RM 1K!!!

But luckily..i held off long enuf until Takara dropped an unexpected bombshell. They went and reissued Sixshot back in 2002. No way in hell would i miss out on the chance of getting Sixshot in all it's mint and pristine condition. i went and grabbed 7 pcs of it. I literally depleted atleast 1/4 of the available stocks in my fav toy shop :P

Transformers Figure - (Takara) Sixshot (Clear) (Hyper Hobby Issue 43 Lucky Draw Exclusive 2002 - Limited To 10 pcs Worldwide.

Transformers Figure - (Takara) Sixshot (Black) (Figure King Issue 53 Lucky Draw Exclusive 2002 - Limited To 10 pcs Worldwide.

And for those of you who knows Takara oh so well...they would never let a sought after toy go "Un-Exclusived" and for that exact reason alone.. Sixshot was made into 2 very exclusive version.. One is a crystal clear version and the other an all black version.

Sixshot VS Magnus - Headmasters Series (English Dub)

OK.. now let us get back to his anime appearances. For his other NON-US series appearances. Apparently, he is quite a pivotal character in the Jap Headmasters series. In the Jap series he's more of a Ninja Assassin type of character where he could actually use a ninja-like skill to create mirror images of himself either in singular mode or all 6 modes. he even have a rather weird 7th mode where he kinda become a hodgepodge of all his other modes to make a weird winged wolf-cannon mode which simply doesn't make sense and would never make it into consideration with the US market. Above this paragraph is a clip dubbed in English where Sixshot is squaring off with Ultra Magnus. Now those of u who wonder y i do not watch the Jap TF series... Just take a look at the clip and listen to the dialogs and u will know why i would rather gouge out my eyes and stick red white barbeque's skewers into my ears before i would watch the any of the Jap Series. the Dialog is "ABYSMAL"!!!

Sixshot VS Magnus - Headmasters Series (Japanese Dub)

Now for those of you who prefer it all "NATURAL".. above this paragraph is the complete clip in Jap where Sixshot duke it out with Ultra Magnus and actually killed him. Poor Magnus, he just can't catch a break.. I mean, it's like Haskara/Takbro create his character just to have him dragged in the mud LOL..I mean, COME ON...he got cheated out of the matrix by Hotrod, he got blown to bits by the Sweeps in the Tf animated movie of 86' and got put back together by the Junkion. His toy is a mere repaint of G1 Prime cab section and thanks to Dreamwave's endeavor... He is forever seen as Optimus Prime's "BITCH" with him appearing as Ultra Magnus in a multitude of Prime's repaint from Armada to Masterpiece and even TF classics series...But nothing takes the cake better than being offed by "Sixshot"!!! Magnus is one sad bot LOL


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hello everyone... first of all, let me introduce myself. I am known to my local Transformers Toy Collectors Community as New_Megatronia. I've initially tried doing a blog of my own dedicated solely to all things Transformers since last year. However due to a few reformatting of my PC and my short memory span, I've forgotten the password to my account and didn't figure out what it was till last night... Ok.. Now that i am back online... Let's Transform and Roll Out!!!

Challenge Of The Go-Bots

Transformers Opening Titles: Generation One Season 2

OK... I guess the beginning is always a good place to start, so lets start with what got me hooked on all things Transformers. Well, like all kids growing up in the 80's "Transformers" was the biggest thing on TV!!! My love for all things Transformers was first "Sparked" by oddly enough, before the debut of the "Transformers" series. It was the less interesting "Challenge Of the Go-Bots".

That was what got me interested in Robots transforming into vehicles initially. They were cool and all, but they were lacking what Transformers have... a sense of style.. a style that stood the test of time, Something Transformers did effortlessly. ofcourse, when Transformers debut in 1984, Go-Bots was blown right out of the water and into obscurity.

Well, everyone love the show.. even my older brother loved it and I often watch it with him when we were kids. But loving the show was 1 thing... loving the toys was quite another. I grew up in a below average income family, so such luxuries as owning a Transformers toy was out of the question... More stories of my childhood conquest with Transformers will unfurled in the future as i feature my TF toy collections... especially my G1 collections.

Well, as I was saying earlier... owning a TF toy as a kid was something I never really had, well...not in the sense that it was bought for me by my parents or even an Aunt or Uncle. All the TF toy I ever had were bought by myself because I saved up like heck on my own by selling odds and ends to the kids at the marketplace or at school. Ofcourse, that meant I could only afford the smaller TF toys.

My very first TF toy that i bought was "Red Alert"... But ofcourse i didn't know what his function was, I just think that he looks cool and that it's a Lamborghini that transforms into a cool robot. I think I bought it just to impress my older brother hehehe, what a kid would do just to get some attention LOL . Most of my bigger TF toys were all charity project of my richer friends who would pawn them off to me in exchange for certain tasks. Some would feel so sorry for my pathetic lack of a Transformers toy, that they would just never ask for the toys back that they had borrowed me. That's how pathetic i was LOL

To say the least... I never owned a Prime or Megatron toy as a kid as these r the bigger and more expensive toy that one would have to fork out at one go.. and if a Prime n Megs toy is beyond my reach...I can kiss my dream goodbye for ever owning even bigger toys like Omega Supreme...

Well... fast forward 23 yrs later... I now have got more TF toys then i would ever imagine owning and my obsession my all things Prime n Megs have also embarked me on a quest to get all the available Prime n Megs figures I could get my hands on.

On a final note..i am perhaps the only Transformers fan and toy collector in my community that's disabled and wheelchaired bound... That kinda gives the whole notion of "Transform and Roll Out!!!" a whole new meaning Hahahah :p

Well... that's it for now... I will be updating my blog periodically with all things TF related and TF FanFic will be featured at the following Blogs featured at the links provided at "New Megatronia's Direct Link" situated at the side menu of this Blog.

NOTE: This is purely a fan based blog and in no way is it used as a promotion for any kind of sales purposes. The images that are primarily mine would have been labeled with my blog add on it. Other related images that are not originally taken by me are obtained from various Transformers related sites to help makes this blog a little bit more interesting. Images which i have taken from these sites are all featured at my "Fav Transformers Link" section. Should there be any copyright infringement on my part, pls notify me so that i may remove the images as requested. Thanks

NOTE: I am NOT a member of any or do not have any affiliation with any local Transformers community unless it's under "New_Megatronia's Direct Link" at the side menu of this blog.


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Transformers G1 - Triple Changer - Broadside

Tripple Changer - Broadside Commercial

CGI Broadside by Iaconcity

Autobot Triple changer - Broadside. Ok guys, for the very first time i'm gonna talk about a G1 figure with literally not a single drop of enthusiasm at all LOL. This A-Bot Tripplechanger figure have only one word to describe it.. and that word is "SAD"!!!

Aside from the less than inspiring robot mode... the vehicle modes r just too mundane to be used in any scenario at all.. like how often do u get missions that involved the sea except for the episode "Atlantis, Arise".

Broadside - Robot Mode

Broadside transforms from a Robot to a Navy Carrier to a weird Jet Plane.. All of it's modes are very uninspiring and just doesn't make sense at all. Of all the G1 Triple changers, this guy is the Fugliest of the lot.

Broadside - Vehicle Modes

To say that this bot is "Mundane" is an overstatement... he only appeared a few times in Season 3 in the US series and fade into obscurity. The sad part is, his name was not even mentioned but rather recognized based on his appearance alone... Although most bots that never showed up in the US series eventually made it into the Jap Headmaster series.

All in all... i can't stress enough how mundane this figure is and the only reason any hardcore G1 fan would wanna spend money on this toy is for the sake of being a completist. Atleast, for the sake of completing the group of 6 Triple changers. Let's just say that this figure is like the kind of figures u would tell urself that u will only buy it when u've already bought the more interesting figures beforehand...or at least when u r out shopping for toys n there's nothing to get and u don wanna go home empty handed... this is the only time u would pick up this toy :P.. In fact.. that was precisely the reason this figure is even in my collection :P


Transformers G1 - Triple Changer - Springer

Tripple Changer - Springer - Commercial

Autobot Triple changer - Springer. Springer made his debut in the TF milestone animated movie back in 86'. This is also the first time we've seen an A-Bot Tripplechanger in the show. Since all 3 of the D-Cons Tripplechangers have already made their debut in Season 2 of the TV series. Springer is pretty much a regular fixture all throughout the third season of the series replacing the cast of the regular A-Bots in Season 1 n 2.

There have always been somewhat of a sexual tension among Springer, Arcee and Hotrod throughout the 86' Animated Movie n 3rd season. I guess when the female population of Cybertron is so's a free for all LOL

Dare To Be Stupid!!!

Anyhow, Springer made quite an impression with his debut.. he gave me the impression of a very strong warrior who's always ready for a good fight.. but instead of just busting in all guns a blazing like hotrod.. he's more of a calm and collective tactician but not uptight.His most memorable scene would be the fight scene with Wreckgar and the Junkions in Planet Junk.

Springer - Robot Mode

Springer - vehicle Modes

Ok, let's talk a lil bit about the toy. I gotta admit that Springer's toy mold is not really all that interesting.. aside for his vehicles form that looks anime accurate.. the Robot mode is not really all that interesting. But then again, we are talking about the 80's here and i think such designs would be considered state of the art back then.

CGI Springer by Iaconcity

Can't really say that he ranks among the top ten must have TF toy for me to have if i have to choose only ten to bring along with me to a desert island LOL... yeah that's clever.. bring toys instead of food when u r suppose to go to a desert island LOL

He's just one of those toys u just wanna have and own just becoz he's a pivotal part of the TF history and mythos.

TF Energon - Bulkhead/Sprung

Botcon 2007 Exclusive - Springer

Pic Source -

Springer's likeness was used in the 2003/04 TF series - Energon/Superlink. Although that character wasn't named Springer.. the Japs did named him "Sprung".. That's as close as it ever got to being named "Springer". Botcon 2007 also churned out a convention exclusive of Springer which was originally a repaint of Cybertron Defense Team Hot Shot.


Transformers G1 - Junkion - Wreckgar

Wreckgar - Robot Mode

Wreckgar - Bike Mode

Junkion - Wreckgar. This is a character that makes his debut in the 86' TF animated movie as well and is the leader of a clan of long lost Transformer called the Junkion. The quirky character traits of the Junkions talks funny mainly becoz they learn to speak by watching TV. More on the Junkion society here -

He was one of the most original and interesting characters from the TF universe in a very long time. I've always wanted to have this toy for a very long time and i finally manage to get this fig in 2003. Though it is not complete with it's weapons... but it is good enuf for me :)

86' TF Movie - Junkions Attack!!!

Weird Al Yankovic - Dare To Be Stupid

The most memorable scene in the 86 TF movie is when the Junkions attacked the Autobots who crashed landed in the planet "Junk", led by Ultra Magnus. This particular scene also featured the song "Dare to be stupid" by Weird Al Yankovic. Incidentally, the upcoming 2008 TF series aptly entitled "Transformers Animated" features the return of our beloved TV talking Junkion "Wreckgar" and he is incidently voiced by Weird Al Yankovic!!! Can't wait to see how the new Wreckgar will look like... i hope he still looks the same so that his toy will finally be an updated version of this rather mundane vintage version. G1 vintage will always have a place in my heart... but let's face it... we would much rather have all of our favourite G1 TF's remake with today's toy making technology and anime accurate. :)


Transformers G1 - Blaster

Transformers G1 Blaster Commercial

Autobot - Blaster and Steeljaw. Of all the TF that I've owned in the past and the Re-issues that i own now... Blaster and Steeljaw are perhaps the two most most memorable Transformer toy to me. Hehehe it is so bcoz there's a rather shameful story behind it. Well i dunno about all of u richer and luckier kids who have parents n aunties buying u TF toys when u r kids... but i had no such luck... everything i owned..i had to fight tooth and claw for em on my own. For me... my story behind Blaster n Steeljaw having a deep impression in my life as a TF fan was that way back in the 80's when i got my Blaster and Steeljaw.... erm.. let's just say... "Dubious Ways"?? :p hehehe ok ok.. i stole it... I'm not overly proud of it... But it was a great feat indeed LOL It wasn't easy stealing such a huge toy from a department store.. but i manage to do it anyway ... and that was the first and last TF i ever stole as a kid :P

Ok... fast forward till 2001, i manage to get Blaster and all four of the basic Cassettebots from a guy i happen to bump into at a toy shop. The guy was intrigued that old TF toys are actually salable and that there r collectors who are willing to pay good money for it. But this guy is no longer a toy collector so i manage to get a heck lot of vintage stuff from him for a steal.. stuff including Soundwave and the Decepticons cassettebots and Devastator. Sadly..i had to sell em all off around 2002 due to an emergency for cash... i sold off alot of my vintage back then bcoz of this emergency...

Blaster - Takara - Book Cover Edition

Blaster - Robot Mode

Blaster - Beatbox Mode

Lucky for me, Blaster and Steeljaw got reissued once more by Takara in 2006, which was the last TF to be reissued under the book cover series.. E-Hobby also came out with a blue version of Blaster aka "Twincast". This particular figure is very very hard to find for some unknown reason. This is one of a hand full of E-Hobby Exclusives that is almost impossible to find. the other being the anime accurate colored "Astrotrain". Now that Takara have merged with Tomy to become TakaraTomy and have embarked on the "Encore" series, there is a possibility that it will be reissued again... Hopefully, this time around.. they would reissue the rest of the cassettebots as well.

86' TF - Movie Cassettebots Battle

Though Blaster was introduced in the G1 American series in Season 2... his cassettebots were only introduced in the 1986 animated Transformers - The Movie. and make regular appearances in Season 3.


My most fav episode featuring Blaster is the Season 2 episode - "Auto-Bop". In this episode, the humans are being hypnotized by Soundwave through club music. Blaster and Tracks along with a few street kids who are friends of tracks infiltrated the club where Soundwave is doing his sinister deeds... I can't believe that i just used the word "Sinister Deeds" LOL.. how 80's is that??!!! Anyhow... there is a scene where Blaster and Soundwave duke it out in a battle of sound.. gangsta style :) I've posted that episode on this blog entry just for easy reference :) NJOI!!!


Transformers G1 - Monsterbot

Transformers Monsterbots Commercial

The Monsterbots - Doublecross, Grotusque and Repugnus are perhaps the most interesting Autobots ever and it's a shame that they were never introduced in the US cartoon series as well. I think theyr are introduced in the Jap Headmasters series, but since i am not a big fan of the Jap series...i'm not very sure about it :)

Doublecross transforms from robot to a two headed dragon, Grotusque transforms from a robot to a winged Sabretooth Tiger and Repugnus transforms from robot to a bug-like creature. I knew i had to have them when i first set eyes on them way back in the 80's. But i have only seen em in the small TF catalog pics that comes packed with every TF toy. Grotusque is my fav among the trio... although i am known for being a lover of dragons. So for a sabretooth cat like creature to actually wins my affection among the three with a double headed dragon among them says alot about the design of Grotusque.

Monsterbot - Robot Mode

Sadly... none of the Monsterbots i own are complete and Grotusque is missing both wings and his weapon. So in alot of way..i am still hunting for a complete version of Grotusque. I have myself an extra set of the trio, though they are more of a junker lot rather than proper figures... I'm keeping them in hand to maybe someday transfer their heads into a new body by way of kitbashing. But so far... none of the new lines of TF are as interesting in design compared to the vintages.

Monsterbot - Monster Mode

Don't get me wrong.. the new toy technology and the posability and articulation of the new TF figs are fun and all.. but they fail to capture the creativity and magic of the vintages. I'm kinda sick of construction vehicles, planes, tanks and sport cars... The good old days have interesting toys like Clones, Duocons, Doubledealers that actually transform into a different figure... and interesting monsters that transforms into cool transformers... I do miss the good old days :P

I hope that with the passing of the Transformers Classics line and the coming of the Classics 2.0 aka Transformers Universe line... more updated g1 figs are made and i would love to see a new take on these very cool Monsterbots... Recent TF toy lines did use the Mosnterbots names - "Repugnus" but sadly... it is nothing like the original Monsterbot at all.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Transformers G1 - Insecticons

G1 Insecticons Toy Commercial

The Insecticons have always been my fav even way back when i first saw them in their debut episode - "A Plague Of Insecticons"... they look awesome!!! Shrapnel with his signature trait od repeating the last word in a sentence. Bombshell who is ever the mind bending psycho and the manipulative Kickback who is adept at controlling others through blackmail.. I vaguely remember owning all three of the show appearance Insecticons... I must have, bcoz i seems to know just how to transform em when i go them back in 2001.. OK OK.. that's hardly a testament to say that i did own em once LOL... After all, G1 TF's are simplistic in design n very easy to transform.. so it's no "Rocket Science" that i know how to transform em when i got them in 2001 LOL.

Insecticons - Robot Mode

Insecticons - Insect Mode

My fav among the three have always been a close tie between Bombshell and Shrapnel... but i am almost certain that i like Bombshell the most. His character is just so very intriguing.. and i love his ability to control minds with his "Cerebro Shell"... In a lot of way... i fancy myself as Bombshell LOL... the mind is indeed my playpen :P

However... I'm certain that I've never owned any of the "Deluxe Insecticons" - Chopshop, Barrage, Ransack and Venom. The designs of the Deluxe Insecticons.The Deluxe Insecticons are originally from a pre - Transformers line of toys by Takatokutoys called "Beetras" I will not go too deep into the history of these figures.. u can read more about them here -

The Deluxe Insecticons never made any appearance at all in the G1 cartoon series and i have never seen or hold them in my hands before until 2001. When i was on a crusade to hunt down all my fav G1 TF toys i never owned.. and the complete series of the G1 Insecticons are one of the must have Transformers toys i must have. When i finally got em in my hands, i was like a kid again... transported back to my childhood days when i can never afford to have all my fav TF toys.

Plague of Insecticons

Insecticons Clones

Now as u guys can see... I am indeed a crazed Insecticons fan based on the pics above. I have always been amazed by the Insecticons ability to create clones of themselves and my quest for owing a "Plague of Insecticons" began when i got my first set of the original trio back in 2001. I got myself an extra Shrapnel around the same time in a junker lot from ebay. Then in 2003 i got a great deal for the trio complete with their G1 vintage boxes. In 2004, Takara reissued the book cover edition of the Insecticons and added an E-Hobby Exclusive set of the trio. the E-Hobby Insecticons are repainted versions of the original and are introduced as the clones of the original Insecticons. Shothole - Clone of Kickback, Salvo - Clone of Bombshell and Zaptrap - Clone of Shrapnel. The book cover edition as well as it's E-Hobby counterpart comes with extra kibbles in the form of three "Energon Cubes" which are simply three pink rubbery cubes.

Insecticons Reformatted

The original trio also appeared in the 1986 animated Transformers - The Movie. However, it also marks the end of their insectoid existence and being reformatted by Unicron into Cyclonus and The Sweeps. Since there is no way to know who is the original Cyclonus and Scourge.. and who are Cyclonus's Armada and Scourge's Sweeps... i can only assume that the Decepticon being reformated in the foreground is the original while the ones in the background are the lackies. So... based on that deduction alone... Shrapnel and Kickback become Scourge's Sweeps while Bombshell become Cyclonus!!!

Insectoid TF's are introduced in other TF toy lines.. though they are much more sophisticated in designs compared to the vintage G1 Insecticons... they fail to have memorable personalities and roles on the show.. with the acceptance of an irritating Waspinator from the Beast Wars series.