Friday, October 12, 2007

Transformers - Armada - Starscream and Seekers!!!

Screamer's Dilemma - Numb by Linkin Park

Starscream's Brigade

Transformers Armada marks the return of a G1 fan fav character on a regular basis... behold.. "STARSCREAM"!!! Sure, there have been toys named "Starscream" in the earlier toy series before "TF-Armada"... but none had depict him in his G1-esque glory. Screamer made an appearance in the Beast Wars US CGI animated series where he possessed poor old Waspinator's body.

The Video clip above featuring the song "NUMB" by "Linkin park" is perfectly made to reflect Screamer's dilemma in the TF Armada series... for those of u who have watched that particular series.. u'll know what i mean.. if u haven't watch it.. then u really should give it a try :)

Armada - Starscream

With the introduction of TF Armada - Starscream was finally reintroduced back into the Transformers mythos tat would somewhat closely resemble the G1 Starscream. In fact.. the TF Armada Screamer n Seekers mold are one of my fav Seekers mold of all time.Screamer looked awesome in thsi mold... but this mold is without it's flaws. I hate the fact that the back portion of the robot figure got a huge piece jutting out like a sore thumb. But aside from that... the figure is awesome.. posability is satisfactory... plus the wings placements just gives me chills.. especially if u r a hard core G1 fan like me. For once.. a Screamer/Seeker mold that looks awesome n anime accurate unlike the toy mold for the g1 Screamer n Seekers figs.

Armada - Thundercracker

Thundercracker, as it is named in it's box is actually Starscream in the TF Armada series. Screamer became blue in color resembling that og G1 Thundercracker in the second half of the TF Armada series called - "The Unicron Battles"... this is where the main cast of characters in the show changed in color. I guess this is "Haskara's/Takbro's" way of legitimizing the reasons for repainting the toys n pawning em off fans and children alike LOL.

Armada - Skywarp

Skywarp is the only seeker figure sharing a similar mold to that of Screamer n Thundercracker.. with the exception of a new head mold. I must say.. i love his head mold very much... but it's abit of a love hate kinda thing.. i would much rather see Skywarp as another repaint of the 2 earlier molds and use this new quasi "Trojan" head mold for the "Coneheads" of G1 aka, Thrust, Ramjet and Dirge.

That being said, This particular mold and figure is the most popular among the 3. In fact, Skywarp is actually short packed locally. back then... i had a choice of either getting extras of this Skywarp and that of the hasbro Commemorative Skywarp.. unfortunately..i chose to go with the G1 Commemorative series Skywarp and I've been regretting ever since.. as i love this particular mold very much.

TFU Ramjet

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I missed out on a repainted version of this particular mold that was released under the Transformer Universe line... It is a white and blue repainted figure of this mold named - "Ramjet"... i'm still hunting for this particular figure up till this day... So if anyone of u out there got this piece.. gimme a holler :)



Luigi013 said...

just wanted to say i ran in to this "repaint" a while back as my first real Transformers purchase. it was a toys r us exclusive ive leaned...curious you still lookin for it????

Jason Sherry said...

Thank you for posting this - I have looking all over the net trying to figure out who this figure was. We picked it up loose at a vintage toystore this week. We got it with 4 other loose figures (including the Armada Starscream and a Vector Prime) for $20, but it is missing both wings and whatever attached to the spring arms on top). The sound effects still work, though. Not bad for the price.