Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Transformers G1 - Smokescreen

Three Autobots Brother by Iaconcity

Autobot Smokescreen's mold is modified from the original Diaclone "Fairlady Z" Mold aka "Bluestreak". This particular mold is usually refered to as "fairlady Z - Racing Type".

Toywise, i must day it is the most attractive of the 3 brothers.. plainly bcoz of it's race car modified look and the color is very bright and eye catching too. I never got Smokescreen as a kid, I'm guessing it's either i am broke or the fact that the trauma i suffered from the whole "Prowl" ordeal must have something to do with it. But to be honest.. i think it's more probable that i was BROKE!!! LOL.

So when the chance to get all 3 of the 3 brother presents itself in the 2002 reissue Book Cover Series, I went all out on em. To date, Prowl and Smokescreen is still tthe 2 more sought after figures. Prowl for it's more prominent role in the G1 animation and Smokescreen for it's sweet mold.

Character wise, according to my memory, his two most prominent role was in the G1 episode - "The Gambler" where the enigmatic Autobot bounty hunter "Defcon" made it's debut as well as the episode - "Trans-Europe Express". His favorite move when in vehicle mode is creating a concealing cloud of smoke from his exhaust... hence the character's name - "Smokescreen"!!!

Can't say i've got much to say about this toy aside from the fact that it's a sweet looking figure and with the recent re-imagination of the TF-Classics/Universe 2.0 and Henkei series... i'm very looking forward to see a very super posable "Smokescreen' toy. Judging from pics of both Prowl and Bluestreak... i can't wait to see how sweet Smokescreen would look in it's updated toy mold :p


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