Monday, July 7, 2008

Transformers G1 - Bluestreak/ Prowl/ Smokescreen Mold

G1 Three Autobot Brothers by Iaconcity

As always, i would always start of a review of a group shot of figures sharing similar molds. This time around it's a group shot of all the "Three Autobot Brothers" - "Bluestreak", "Prowl" and "Smokescreen" aka "Fairlady Z" vehicle mold. Other modification of this mold include a police car mold as well as a racing type mold.

The original Three Autobot Brothers -
Bluestreak, Prowl and Smokescreen

The three brothers are arguably my most favorite of the G1 mold..i know, i know LOL..i have said that before. But i really like this mold. Prowl however is the more popular of the 3 brothers in the G1 season 1 and 2 series, followed by Smokescreen and last but not least, Bluestreak.

Above are pics of my Bluestreak, Prowl, Smokescreen and their variant repainted versions. The figures are - Positioned based on their robot mode -

Upper Left - Takara Book Cover Series, Anime accurate - Bluestreak.
Lower left - Takara Book Cover Series - Prowl.
Middle - Takara Silver chromed E-Hobby Exclusive - Bluestreak.
Upper Right - Hasbro Commemorative Series - Silverstreak.
Lower Right - Takara Book Cover Series - Smokescreen.

As always.. enjoy the pics for now.. I will do an individual review of what these figures meant to me at a personal level and probably talk about the different variations of them out there.


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