Saturday, July 5, 2008

Transformers - E-Hobby - Road/Load Hauler

Road/Load Hauler is the product of the multitude of color mistakes that's very apparent in the G1 animated series. he first made his appearance in the three part episode "More Than meets the Eye", where Cliffjumper called out to a green colored "Grapple" lookalike and called him Hauler instead of Grapple.

Road/Load Hauler was released as an E-Hobby exclusive back in 2003 along with the release of the non exclusive reissue of Inferno and Starscream. It is basically a g1 Grapple figure in a very Constructicon-esque lime green color. If anything at all.. this figure is a nice addition to any hard core TF fan who is all too happy to own this figure even though it is the product of mistaken color and crappy QC in the 80's G1 animation.

I for one am not complaining about having him in my collection, bcoz as i have mentioned before. This is one of my more faborite G1 TF toy mold. Back in 2003, E-Hobby figures are pretty much very hard to obtain as toy shops are reluctant to bring in exclusive figures that are generally repaints of the original issues and cost double the price of the normal issues. But i was lucky to be able to order it here locally, but of course, i have to pay a pretty penny for owning this E-Hobby exclusive figure :)


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