Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Transformers - E-Hobby - Silver Chromed Bluestreak

The above figure is the 2003 Exclusive Silver Chromed Bluestreak by E-Hobby. It was released as the exclusive counterpart of the Takara Book Cover series "Prowl" together with the E-Hobby exclusive "Gold Jazz". Bluestreak was never released as a normal issued figure by Takara due to this. You can read more about the origin of this figure Here.

Once again... this figure is very much like the gold plated E-Hobby exclusive Jazz. definitely not a figure to be played with. I'm not a big fan of fully chromed figure, so in many ways.. owning this figure is pretty much just an additional figure for collection sake. Definitely only for hardcore completist and not for the every day run of the mill collectors... if u can find it and afford it.. get it just for the fun of it, but if u can't... it's not a big lost :)

I much prefer my exclusives to be either all black in color or crystal version. When i say crystal..i mean clear/transparent colored figures. The E-Hobby crystal Hotrod is an example of such a figure :)


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Jason said...

nice review site! love the e-hobbies and exclusives. isn't it great to see our fav g1s in other colorways?

here's my little TF site:

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