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Transformers G1 - Prowl

Original Three Autobots Brothers by Iaconcity

Prowl is arguably the most popular in terms of his character in the G1 season 1 and 2 series as well as a toy for both collectors and fans. His mold is a repainted and slightly modified version of the original "Fairlady Z" mold which was the original Diaclone and much sought after blue colored "Bluestreak". I will go into details of the multitude of variants that comes from this mold in my later posts. Prowl himself have had three known Mexican versions of this toy. But the Mexican versions seems to be made of cheaper plastics. Talk about double standards LOL!!! A testament of Prowl's popularity is apparent in the multitude of times this name was used in the various Transformers series ranging from "Beast Wars" to the very recent "Transformers Animated"

Bluestreak, Prowl and Smokescreen have often been regarded as the "Three Autobot Brother" by fans. But as to whether or not they are truly related... I am not sure at all, as it was never officially stated nor was it stated in their individual tech spec. I guess they were called that plainly becoz they look very similar to each other. But if that was so.. wouldn't that make Sideswipe and Red Alert twins instead of Sideswipe and Sunstreaker? :P

Prowl's role in the G1 series throughout season 1 and 2 are fairly frequent but nothing major. But somehow, he seems to be the favorite among the "So Called" 3 brothers. Maybe it's becoz of his very smart looking paint job of black and white. One can never go wrong with the classic black and white color combo. So i guess he's the fav among the 3 partially had something to do with his color scheme, as well as his character in the show.

Prowl's Uninspiring Death

So ok.... i have already established that i like Prowl's Character and toy and if i were to elaborate on it anymore i am sure u guys will shoot me with Prowl's Acid Pellets gun LOL. So u can just imagine my horror when i watched the 1986 TF- Animated Movie where Prowl was killed off with but a single shot by the Constructicon "Scrapper"!!!

Ok Toy wise, prowl have got a much deeper personal memory to me than Bluestreak and Smokescreen. It is so, bcoz Prowl was the only toy of the same mold i ever owned as a kid. Why am i so confident about that? Well... it's related to a rather sad story, at least for me LOL.

I remember buying prowl way back in probably around 1984 or 85. I got him by saving up my daily school allowance of 3 bucks. Which i am guessing would have taken me at least 1 1/2 months time to gather as i do not get any allowance at all on weekends. Anyhow, when i've finally gone and bought the toy. I had to rip the box apart to get to the toy and bolted back to my mum's vegetable stall. If u've read about how i got my 1st TF toy aka Red Alert... that's where i got Prowl as well :P

Ok to cut a long story short... i stuff Prowl into pants pocket and hid it from my parents. bcoz back then, we were lucky to even have food on the table as my mum had to work really hard in the veggie market, so buying toys is definitely out of the question. So when ever my parents or my brothers and sisters asked me where i got a certain toy i am playing with, i would have to lie about it saying that it was given to me by my rich friend.. Ssshhyyyeeaahhh RITE!!! Like there are so many good hearted rich kid around LOL!!!

Ok, then come the sad part of my story with Prowl. Ever since i've bought him, i've always tried to kept him from my parents and siblings detection. I bring it along with me to school in my school bag. Now, i must first and foremost say that i am a horrible student in school as i simply do not have the ability to pay much attention to what the teachers teach in class. I suspect that i suffer from a mild case of A.D.D - "Attention Deficit Disorder" back then LOL. I was always more "Street Smart" than "Book Smart".

Anyhow, one evening while i was helping my mum close down the veggie stall, my dad who was waiting in the car for us, went through my school bag and found my "Prowl" toy and my badly scrounged up and hidden test papers with failing grades on em .. ECKS!!!

When i got into the car after helping my mum close up shop. The first thing i got was an ear full from my dad about my test paper grades and where on earth i got the money to buy toys that he knows we most certainly cannot afford. When we finally reached home, the first thing my dad did was took away my newly acquired Prowl toy along with a few other mundane toys and told me that i would only get it back if my grades improved. Heck.. that would pretty much means i will never ever see my toy Prowl ever again LOL. True enough, i never got to see him again until around 1987 when we moved to a new house. I stumbled upon it while helping my dad pack. But it was already broken due to the fact that this particular toy mold have got highly fragile roof and rear windows.

I was finally reunited with a minty fresh toy of prowl, thanks to Takara's Book Cover series in 2002!!!

War Within Prowl by Iaconcity

Above is a really cool CGI version of Prowl's Cybertronian mode beautifully done by Iaconcity. It is inspired by Don Figueroa's comic book "Transformers - The War Within" series.

TRU Exclusive War Within Prowl

A War Within Prowl toy paired with War Within "Grimlock" would be available to us under the now defunct 6" transformable Titanium series as a TRU Exclusive in September 2008 - Read Here

I would most definitely love to get my hands on both these babies if they were made available here locally. Ok that's all for now... Hope u guys enjoyed this posting :P


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