Saturday, July 5, 2008

Transformers G1 - Inferno

CGI Inferno and Skids by Iaconcity

G1 Inferno shares a similar mold with Grapple minor retooling that distinguish them apart in vehicle mode. Inferno being a fire truck while Grapple is a construction vehicle. Unlike most of the Takara "Diaclone" and Microman" line, Inferno does not come with a repainted version of himself.

Inferno was first reissued in the G2 series which comes with a water shooting action kibble which in my opinion doesn't do much for me. But guess what.. i have been hunting for the G2 version for the past 5 yrs heheheh :p Takara actually did a somewhat off beat repaint and rettoled version of Inferno as a Targetmaster named "Artfire". it was released together with the repainted n retooled version of g1 jazz as Stepper. These 2 Japan only exclusives Targetmasters were suppose to replace the lack of both Cyclonus and Scourge as Targetmasters, hence both the Targetmasters were given to both Artfire and Stepper instead.

Then in 2001, both Inerno and Grapple were released as exclusives as a set of two. i was unable to obtain that set as it was very hard and expensive to obtain, although i did manage to obtain other sets instead. Then comes the Takara book cover reissues where only Inferno made the cut. He was released together with anime accurate Starscream. because grapple didn't quite make the cut, an E-Hobby repaint of Grapple was released instead named - Road/Load Hauler".

Character wise, Inferno couldn't be more different that that of Grapple. Inferno is more of an action junkie who prefer to be in the heat of things and is somewhat of a hot head while his partner,"Red Alert" is his complete opposite as seen in the G1 anime episode "Auto berserk". he even have a girlfriend back in Cybertron named "Firestar" featured in the G1 anime episode "The Search for Alpha Trion".

Toy wise... the Takara reissued Inferno is far sturdier than the Hasbro Commemorative series reissue of Grapple. Everything worked just like the original vintage Inferno. Actually... i was expecting Takara to reissue "Art Fire' when they announced the reissue of Inferno in the book cover series. But since "Stepper" was released as a non exclusive figure... i guess i was mistaken for expecting an Art Fire figure to be issued as an exclusive. Oh well.. maybe Art Fire will finally get to see the light of day when TakaraTomy reissue it again in the Encore series :P


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