Saturday, July 5, 2008

Transformers G1 - Grapple

CGI Grapple and Hoist by Iaconcity

G1 Autobot Grapple like all season 1 and 2 Transformers toy mold, most of them are originally from a line of transforming toys from Takara Japan known as the "Diaclone" and "Microman" series. Grapple's mold is one of the few rare mold that does not have a repainted paint job, with the exception of a retooled Inferno mold.

Grapple is often seen together with Hoist in the US G1 animated series. Their love for constructing and building got them into trouble in the G1 episode "The master Builders". The Constructicons trick Grapple and Hoist with claims of having left Megatron. They construct a tower Grapple thought up to absorb solar energy, which Optimus Prime was against the idea of building it for fear of The Decepticons getting their hands on it. However they were betrayed by the Constructicons and it was up to the other Autobots to save the day.

Grapple's mold is one of my most favorite G1 mold, although it is somewhat cumbersome and simplistic. if my memory serves me well..i remember having both Grapple and Inferno as a kid. I got reunited with Grapple once more back in 2001 when i got him along with a whole box of other vintage TF for a real steal hehehe. Unfortunately, that figure's chrome is somewhat scuffed, so i have decided to take pics of the Hasbro's Commemorative series Grapple instead.

Takara never did reissued Grapple in the book cover series, but it was reissued once as an exclusive set of 2 figures together with Inferno back in 2001. Only Inferno was reissued by Takara in the book cover series paired with anime accurate Starscream.

Upon looking at both vintage and the newly released Hasbro's Commemorative series Grapple, one would not be able to tell much difference between the two based on sight alone. But the moment u hold up both figures... there's a distinct difference between the two. For one, the die-cast part used in the commemorative series felt more like sheet metal. it was very thin and light, whereas the vintage Grapple's die-cast part is much more sturdier n heavier.

Another distinct difference with the Hasbro Commemorative series reissue is that both hands/fist port are no longer spring loaded. The trigger that was suppose to create a spring loaded shooting action is now just there for cosmetic G1 authentic purposes. it doesn't work at all!!!

Can't really recall any specific fond memories of grapple nor can i remember how i manage to obtain it as a kid... but what the heck, why bother to crack my head trying to remember how i first got it as a kid when i have him with me now LOL!!!


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