Sunday, July 6, 2008

Transformers - E-Hobby - Gold Jazz

E-Hobby Gold Jazz is the very first set of 2 exclusive figures in 2002 that was released under the E-Hobby banner which is normally a repainted version of the G1 Transformers toys, usually in the pre-Transformers "Diaclone" line colors. But since Jazz does not have a Diaclone variant color, he was released in gold instead. A pattern i later realized that Japanese love making all gold exclusive figures. Frankly speaking, i'm not a big fan of the gold figures. it feels like a frickin transformable Oscar statue LOL

All in all, i got nothing much to say about this figure that i have not said in my earlier post about the original G1 jazz. The figure does tarnish quite easily once it's taken out of it's box, so for those of u who have a penchant for fully gold figures, make sure it's kept back in the box after u've fiddled with it.

Transformers - Golden Lagoon

This particular paint job kinda reminds me of the G1 season 2 episode "Golden Lagoon" where "Beachcomber" have stumbled into a concealed paradise like place where "Electrum" was found. it is a lazer proof like substance that enables one to become invulnerable once being coated in it. the Decepticons later found the Electrum and coat themselves in it and even manage to defeat Omega Supreme with the help of it. Of course, the Autobots later found out the source of the Decepticons invulnerability thanks to "Powerglide's" spying and later coat themselves in the substance as well. Realizing that they have lost the advantage of invulnerability, the Decepticons destroyed the golden lagoon which pretty much destroyed the paradise like forest where the pool of Electrum was found in the first place.

All in all.. this figure is a nice addition to any hardcore G1 Transformers completist. If u r not a completist i would not recommend u to get it :)