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Transformers G1 - Bluestreak aka Silverstreak

Three Autobots Brothers by Iaconcity

Ok, before i even start on my quasi review of this toy, judging from the amount of pics u see here, u already know that it's gonna be a doozie LOL. Oddly enough, Bluestreak is the least fav of the 3 brothers mold, i'm guessing it's got a lot to do with it's rather uninteresting paint job... yet, he is the original mold that pretty much gave birth to his other two more popular modified brethren.

Original Diaclone, Repainted and Modified Bluestreak Molds

Above are the 3 Bluestreak variant colors known with the "Blue" Bluestreak being the original Diaclone color. It was first issued in Blue, then in the black hooded "Anime Accurate" version, then retooled/modified into the "Racing Type" aka Smokescreen's mold and "Police Type" aka Prowl's mold. This mold was even available in both gold and silver version as prize campaign cars. There was even a Mexican version of Bluestreak that's straight off muted Grey in color.

The result of the three available Fairlady Z vehicle mold ( Original and Retooled ) resulted in the creation of the G1 three Autobot brothers - Bluestreak, Prowl and Smokescreen.

Diaclone "Blue" Bluestreak

The pic above is the very elusive original Diaclone "Blue" Bluestreak and also the most expensive version among the three variant versions as seen in the first pic above. It is also the most sought after bcoz there was a slight confusion when it was first released officially as a "Transformer" toy under the name "Bluestreak". It's color scheme image was actually used as the box art for the original release of Bluestreak's toy and the image of this blue Diaclone toy was used in the transformation instruction sheet as seen below. Up till now, it is the hardest version to find and most the most expensive version of this mold to date. Needless to say, this is one of the two existing colors out there that i have not been able to get, regardless of it being an original or a reissue. The other being, the gold Bluestreak.

G1 "Anime Accurate - 2002 Exclusive" Bluestreak

The black hooded "Anime Accurate" Bluestreak was also never released as an original G1 toy. oddly enough, this is the one color scheme that's identical to the anime version of Bluestreak. This was only available as a Diaclone repaint and as a 2002 exclusive. I took the chance to grab this piece when it came out becoz.. frankly speaking... though i claim to hate repaints in the past... I'm all for it as long as it's a good repainted figure LOL!!!

G1 Original- Hasbro Commemorative Series "Silver/Grey" Bluestreak

The original G1 issued toy version of Bluestreak is silver in color. As mentioned earlier on, this is the least fav of the 3, character and color/mold wise. The fact that it came with a Diaclone version toy pic in it's original transformation instruction sheet doesn't help boost it's popularity of the toy either. Instead everyone preferred the blue version.

I got this Hasbro's Commemorative Series version of Bluestreak aka "Silverstreak" because Takara did not reissue Bluestreak under the Book Cover Series. Takara only reissued the black hooded Bluestreak as an exclusive. The most prominent difference between the two version are

  • Takara's version is named "Streak" and the original "Fairlady Z" license plate is now replaced with "STREAK" instead.
  • Takara's version literally replicate everything down to the chrome weapons, missiles and spring loaded twin shoulder rocket launchers.
  • Hasbro's version have changed it's name to "Silverstreak" probably due to copyright complications. The license plate sticker is also changed to the word "STREAK".
  • Hasbro's version now have black plastic weapons. missiles and non spring loaded twin shoulder rocket launchers.
The silver Bluestreak u see above is actually the Hasbro Commemorative Series version using extra chrome weapons belonging to this mold. I really didn't want to get this piece in the first place because i've already got the anime accurate version. But decided to get it just because it is the same color scheme as the original G1 issued figure.

I guess those who didn't manage to get the exclusive black hooded version would have to settle for this one reissued by Hasbro. But it's definitely a bitter sweet experience getting this piece because it comes with black weapons, missiles and non spring loaded shoulder rocket launcher and it's retailing for almost the same price as the normal Takara Book Cover Series reissued figures of similar mold eg. Prowl and Smokescreen.

2003 E-Hobby "Silver Chrome" Bluestreak

2003 E-Hobby "Silver Chrome" Bluestreak was offered as an E-Hobby exclusive paired with "Gold" Jazz when Jazz and Prowl was reissued under the Book Cover Series. The original silver chrome Bluestreak was first issued in both gold and silver as prized campaign cars. Read Here for more info.

Phew... that's a real mouthful doing this quasi toy review of Bluestreak. How is it that i ended up with 3 out of 5 versions of Bluestreak variants out there. When i never got him as a kid. I manage to get a rather beat up Bluestreak back in 2001. It was missing both it's hood and rear windows. It pretty much looked like a convertible LOL. I have no idea where i've chucked that figure since i've got a few minty fresh ones with me now LOL

War Within Bluestreak by Iaconcity

Above is a CGI rendition of War Within Bluestreak done by Iaconcity... very sweet figure to have as a toy if it's ever being made.. don't u think? :p


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