Thursday, September 6, 2007

Transformers G1 - Insecticons

G1 Insecticons Toy Commercial

The Insecticons have always been my fav even way back when i first saw them in their debut episode - "A Plague Of Insecticons"... they look awesome!!! Shrapnel with his signature trait od repeating the last word in a sentence. Bombshell who is ever the mind bending psycho and the manipulative Kickback who is adept at controlling others through blackmail.. I vaguely remember owning all three of the show appearance Insecticons... I must have, bcoz i seems to know just how to transform em when i go them back in 2001.. OK OK.. that's hardly a testament to say that i did own em once LOL... After all, G1 TF's are simplistic in design n very easy to transform.. so it's no "Rocket Science" that i know how to transform em when i got them in 2001 LOL.

Insecticons - Robot Mode

Insecticons - Insect Mode

My fav among the three have always been a close tie between Bombshell and Shrapnel... but i am almost certain that i like Bombshell the most. His character is just so very intriguing.. and i love his ability to control minds with his "Cerebro Shell"... In a lot of way... i fancy myself as Bombshell LOL... the mind is indeed my playpen :P

However... I'm certain that I've never owned any of the "Deluxe Insecticons" - Chopshop, Barrage, Ransack and Venom. The designs of the Deluxe Insecticons.The Deluxe Insecticons are originally from a pre - Transformers line of toys by Takatokutoys called "Beetras" I will not go too deep into the history of these figures.. u can read more about them here -

The Deluxe Insecticons never made any appearance at all in the G1 cartoon series and i have never seen or hold them in my hands before until 2001. When i was on a crusade to hunt down all my fav G1 TF toys i never owned.. and the complete series of the G1 Insecticons are one of the must have Transformers toys i must have. When i finally got em in my hands, i was like a kid again... transported back to my childhood days when i can never afford to have all my fav TF toys.

Plague of Insecticons

Insecticons Clones

Now as u guys can see... I am indeed a crazed Insecticons fan based on the pics above. I have always been amazed by the Insecticons ability to create clones of themselves and my quest for owing a "Plague of Insecticons" began when i got my first set of the original trio back in 2001. I got myself an extra Shrapnel around the same time in a junker lot from ebay. Then in 2003 i got a great deal for the trio complete with their G1 vintage boxes. In 2004, Takara reissued the book cover edition of the Insecticons and added an E-Hobby Exclusive set of the trio. the E-Hobby Insecticons are repainted versions of the original and are introduced as the clones of the original Insecticons. Shothole - Clone of Kickback, Salvo - Clone of Bombshell and Zaptrap - Clone of Shrapnel. The book cover edition as well as it's E-Hobby counterpart comes with extra kibbles in the form of three "Energon Cubes" which are simply three pink rubbery cubes.

Insecticons Reformatted

The original trio also appeared in the 1986 animated Transformers - The Movie. However, it also marks the end of their insectoid existence and being reformatted by Unicron into Cyclonus and The Sweeps. Since there is no way to know who is the original Cyclonus and Scourge.. and who are Cyclonus's Armada and Scourge's Sweeps... i can only assume that the Decepticon being reformated in the foreground is the original while the ones in the background are the lackies. So... based on that deduction alone... Shrapnel and Kickback become Scourge's Sweeps while Bombshell become Cyclonus!!!

Insectoid TF's are introduced in other TF toy lines.. though they are much more sophisticated in designs compared to the vintage G1 Insecticons... they fail to have memorable personalities and roles on the show.. with the acceptance of an irritating Waspinator from the Beast Wars series.


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