Saturday, September 8, 2007

Transformers G1 - Monsterbot

Transformers Monsterbots Commercial

The Monsterbots - Doublecross, Grotusque and Repugnus are perhaps the most interesting Autobots ever and it's a shame that they were never introduced in the US cartoon series as well. I think theyr are introduced in the Jap Headmasters series, but since i am not a big fan of the Jap series...i'm not very sure about it :)

Doublecross transforms from robot to a two headed dragon, Grotusque transforms from a robot to a winged Sabretooth Tiger and Repugnus transforms from robot to a bug-like creature. I knew i had to have them when i first set eyes on them way back in the 80's. But i have only seen em in the small TF catalog pics that comes packed with every TF toy. Grotusque is my fav among the trio... although i am known for being a lover of dragons. So for a sabretooth cat like creature to actually wins my affection among the three with a double headed dragon among them says alot about the design of Grotusque.

Monsterbot - Robot Mode

Sadly... none of the Monsterbots i own are complete and Grotusque is missing both wings and his weapon. So in alot of way..i am still hunting for a complete version of Grotusque. I have myself an extra set of the trio, though they are more of a junker lot rather than proper figures... I'm keeping them in hand to maybe someday transfer their heads into a new body by way of kitbashing. But so far... none of the new lines of TF are as interesting in design compared to the vintages.

Monsterbot - Monster Mode

Don't get me wrong.. the new toy technology and the posability and articulation of the new TF figs are fun and all.. but they fail to capture the creativity and magic of the vintages. I'm kinda sick of construction vehicles, planes, tanks and sport cars... The good old days have interesting toys like Clones, Duocons, Doubledealers that actually transform into a different figure... and interesting monsters that transforms into cool transformers... I do miss the good old days :P

I hope that with the passing of the Transformers Classics line and the coming of the Classics 2.0 aka Transformers Universe line... more updated g1 figs are made and i would love to see a new take on these very cool Monsterbots... Recent TF toy lines did use the Mosnterbots names - "Repugnus" but sadly... it is nothing like the original Monsterbot at all.


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