Saturday, September 8, 2007

Transformers G1 - Junkion - Wreckgar

Wreckgar - Robot Mode

Wreckgar - Bike Mode

Junkion - Wreckgar. This is a character that makes his debut in the 86' TF animated movie as well and is the leader of a clan of long lost Transformer called the Junkion. The quirky character traits of the Junkions talks funny mainly becoz they learn to speak by watching TV. More on the Junkion society here -

He was one of the most original and interesting characters from the TF universe in a very long time. I've always wanted to have this toy for a very long time and i finally manage to get this fig in 2003. Though it is not complete with it's weapons... but it is good enuf for me :)

86' TF Movie - Junkions Attack!!!

Weird Al Yankovic - Dare To Be Stupid

The most memorable scene in the 86 TF movie is when the Junkions attacked the Autobots who crashed landed in the planet "Junk", led by Ultra Magnus. This particular scene also featured the song "Dare to be stupid" by Weird Al Yankovic. Incidentally, the upcoming 2008 TF series aptly entitled "Transformers Animated" features the return of our beloved TV talking Junkion "Wreckgar" and he is incidently voiced by Weird Al Yankovic!!! Can't wait to see how the new Wreckgar will look like... i hope he still looks the same so that his toy will finally be an updated version of this rather mundane vintage version. G1 vintage will always have a place in my heart... but let's face it... we would much rather have all of our favourite G1 TF's remake with today's toy making technology and anime accurate. :)


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