Friday, September 14, 2007

Transformers G1 - Sixshot

Sixshot Toy Commercial


Decepticon Sixchanger - Sixshot. Sixshot is perhaps one of the most sought after G1 toy that have the least show time in the history of the US G1 Transformers series. Even the lame ass Triplechanger "Broadside" beats him in air time... yet his impact in the toy series was more than enough to put him into the head of the pack.

Cyberducks in a Barrel

Sixshot first made his debut appearance in the 3 part Season 4 series entitled "The Rebirth"... and what a first impression he made. He single handedly downed all 5 of the Aerialbots by transforming into his 5 attack modes and then transforms back to his robot mode and uttered a pretty memorable one liner...

..."Five up, five down... it's like shooting Cyberducks in a barrel"!!!

I remember back in 2000 when i first caught the revival of the TF G1 bug... i went G1 huning on ebay like a mad man... and my top priority must have TF figure in my "To Get" list is none other than "Sixshot"!!! back then, even a rag tag beat up Sixshot with missing weapon commands atleast USD200... That's like around RM800.. and with shipping cost and what not.. this bugger could easilly cost atleast RM 1K!!!

But luckily..i held off long enuf until Takara dropped an unexpected bombshell. They went and reissued Sixshot back in 2002. No way in hell would i miss out on the chance of getting Sixshot in all it's mint and pristine condition. i went and grabbed 7 pcs of it. I literally depleted atleast 1/4 of the available stocks in my fav toy shop :P

Transformers Figure - (Takara) Sixshot (Clear) (Hyper Hobby Issue 43 Lucky Draw Exclusive 2002 - Limited To 10 pcs Worldwide.

Transformers Figure - (Takara) Sixshot (Black) (Figure King Issue 53 Lucky Draw Exclusive 2002 - Limited To 10 pcs Worldwide.

And for those of you who knows Takara oh so well...they would never let a sought after toy go "Un-Exclusived" and for that exact reason alone.. Sixshot was made into 2 very exclusive version.. One is a crystal clear version and the other an all black version.

Sixshot VS Magnus - Headmasters Series (English Dub)

OK.. now let us get back to his anime appearances. For his other NON-US series appearances. Apparently, he is quite a pivotal character in the Jap Headmasters series. In the Jap series he's more of a Ninja Assassin type of character where he could actually use a ninja-like skill to create mirror images of himself either in singular mode or all 6 modes. he even have a rather weird 7th mode where he kinda become a hodgepodge of all his other modes to make a weird winged wolf-cannon mode which simply doesn't make sense and would never make it into consideration with the US market. Above this paragraph is a clip dubbed in English where Sixshot is squaring off with Ultra Magnus. Now those of u who wonder y i do not watch the Jap TF series... Just take a look at the clip and listen to the dialogs and u will know why i would rather gouge out my eyes and stick red white barbeque's skewers into my ears before i would watch the any of the Jap Series. the Dialog is "ABYSMAL"!!!

Sixshot VS Magnus - Headmasters Series (Japanese Dub)

Now for those of you who prefer it all "NATURAL".. above this paragraph is the complete clip in Jap where Sixshot duke it out with Ultra Magnus and actually killed him. Poor Magnus, he just can't catch a break.. I mean, it's like Haskara/Takbro create his character just to have him dragged in the mud LOL..I mean, COME ON...he got cheated out of the matrix by Hotrod, he got blown to bits by the Sweeps in the Tf animated movie of 86' and got put back together by the Junkion. His toy is a mere repaint of G1 Prime cab section and thanks to Dreamwave's endeavor... He is forever seen as Optimus Prime's "BITCH" with him appearing as Ultra Magnus in a multitude of Prime's repaint from Armada to Masterpiece and even TF classics series...But nothing takes the cake better than being offed by "Sixshot"!!! Magnus is one sad bot LOL


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