Saturday, September 8, 2007

Transformers G1 - Triple Changer - Springer

Tripple Changer - Springer - Commercial

Autobot Triple changer - Springer. Springer made his debut in the TF milestone animated movie back in 86'. This is also the first time we've seen an A-Bot Tripplechanger in the show. Since all 3 of the D-Cons Tripplechangers have already made their debut in Season 2 of the TV series. Springer is pretty much a regular fixture all throughout the third season of the series replacing the cast of the regular A-Bots in Season 1 n 2.

There have always been somewhat of a sexual tension among Springer, Arcee and Hotrod throughout the 86' Animated Movie n 3rd season. I guess when the female population of Cybertron is so's a free for all LOL

Dare To Be Stupid!!!

Anyhow, Springer made quite an impression with his debut.. he gave me the impression of a very strong warrior who's always ready for a good fight.. but instead of just busting in all guns a blazing like hotrod.. he's more of a calm and collective tactician but not uptight.His most memorable scene would be the fight scene with Wreckgar and the Junkions in Planet Junk.

Springer - Robot Mode

Springer - vehicle Modes

Ok, let's talk a lil bit about the toy. I gotta admit that Springer's toy mold is not really all that interesting.. aside for his vehicles form that looks anime accurate.. the Robot mode is not really all that interesting. But then again, we are talking about the 80's here and i think such designs would be considered state of the art back then.

CGI Springer by Iaconcity

Can't really say that he ranks among the top ten must have TF toy for me to have if i have to choose only ten to bring along with me to a desert island LOL... yeah that's clever.. bring toys instead of food when u r suppose to go to a desert island LOL

He's just one of those toys u just wanna have and own just becoz he's a pivotal part of the TF history and mythos.

TF Energon - Bulkhead/Sprung

Botcon 2007 Exclusive - Springer

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Springer's likeness was used in the 2003/04 TF series - Energon/Superlink. Although that character wasn't named Springer.. the Japs did named him "Sprung".. That's as close as it ever got to being named "Springer". Botcon 2007 also churned out a convention exclusive of Springer which was originally a repaint of Cybertron Defense Team Hot Shot.


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