Saturday, September 8, 2007

Transformers G1 - Blaster

Transformers G1 Blaster Commercial

Autobot - Blaster and Steeljaw. Of all the TF that I've owned in the past and the Re-issues that i own now... Blaster and Steeljaw are perhaps the two most most memorable Transformer toy to me. Hehehe it is so bcoz there's a rather shameful story behind it. Well i dunno about all of u richer and luckier kids who have parents n aunties buying u TF toys when u r kids... but i had no such luck... everything i owned..i had to fight tooth and claw for em on my own. For me... my story behind Blaster n Steeljaw having a deep impression in my life as a TF fan was that way back in the 80's when i got my Blaster and Steeljaw.... erm.. let's just say... "Dubious Ways"?? :p hehehe ok ok.. i stole it... I'm not overly proud of it... But it was a great feat indeed LOL It wasn't easy stealing such a huge toy from a department store.. but i manage to do it anyway ... and that was the first and last TF i ever stole as a kid :P

Ok... fast forward till 2001, i manage to get Blaster and all four of the basic Cassettebots from a guy i happen to bump into at a toy shop. The guy was intrigued that old TF toys are actually salable and that there r collectors who are willing to pay good money for it. But this guy is no longer a toy collector so i manage to get a heck lot of vintage stuff from him for a steal.. stuff including Soundwave and the Decepticons cassettebots and Devastator. Sadly..i had to sell em all off around 2002 due to an emergency for cash... i sold off alot of my vintage back then bcoz of this emergency...

Blaster - Takara - Book Cover Edition

Blaster - Robot Mode

Blaster - Beatbox Mode

Lucky for me, Blaster and Steeljaw got reissued once more by Takara in 2006, which was the last TF to be reissued under the book cover series.. E-Hobby also came out with a blue version of Blaster aka "Twincast". This particular figure is very very hard to find for some unknown reason. This is one of a hand full of E-Hobby Exclusives that is almost impossible to find. the other being the anime accurate colored "Astrotrain". Now that Takara have merged with Tomy to become TakaraTomy and have embarked on the "Encore" series, there is a possibility that it will be reissued again... Hopefully, this time around.. they would reissue the rest of the cassettebots as well.

86' TF - Movie Cassettebots Battle

Though Blaster was introduced in the G1 American series in Season 2... his cassettebots were only introduced in the 1986 animated Transformers - The Movie. and make regular appearances in Season 3.


My most fav episode featuring Blaster is the Season 2 episode - "Auto-Bop". In this episode, the humans are being hypnotized by Soundwave through club music. Blaster and Tracks along with a few street kids who are friends of tracks infiltrated the club where Soundwave is doing his sinister deeds... I can't believe that i just used the word "Sinister Deeds" LOL.. how 80's is that??!!! Anyhow... there is a scene where Blaster and Soundwave duke it out in a battle of sound.. gangsta style :) I've posted that episode on this blog entry just for easy reference :) NJOI!!!


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