Saturday, September 22, 2007

Transformers - Armada - Optimus Prime's Mold

Armada Optimus Prime's - Robot Modes

Transformers Armada Optimus Prime. This Optimus Prime mold is perhaps one of my "Top Ten" most fav Prime mold ever!!! This Prime's mold is affectionately termed by the fans as "Bendy Prime". This is prolly bcoz it's one of the most posable Prime mold ever made. U can almost tell just how much i love this Prime's mold by the multitude versions of it that i have made a point to get. OK.. Roll call Time...

Top Left - Takara Exclusive "Nemesis Prime"
Top Middle - Original Armada - "Bendy" - "Optimus Prime"
Middle - Takara Exclusive Crystal version - "Optimus Prime"
Lower Left - TF Cybertron Reissue - "Optimus Prime"
Lower Middle - TF Universe - Armada Prime Repaint - "Ultra Magnus"
Lower Right - TF Armada Prime Repaint - "Nemesis Prime"

Armada Optimus Prime's - Truck Modes

Not much to say here except that i simply love this Prime's mold and i would buy em if it is being reissued and repainted another color again.. if that ever happens, i would have to add in the new comer into this already impressive brood of "Bendy Prime" :P

This mold is far better than it's much larger counterpart that comes with a trailer that allows the front cab Prime to merge into a much larger prime affectionately termed as "Fish face/head Prime" due to the Merman like features of the face and head. I will be featuring this Armada Prime mold in the future.


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