Monday, September 24, 2007

Transformers - Beast Wars Neo - Big Convoy's !!!

Transformers - Beast Wars Neo Opening & Closing

Big Convoy's - Robot Mode

Big Convoy is tHe Optimus Prime of the Jap Beast Wars Series - "Beast Wars Neo". This had got to be one of the best "Prime" mold ever done. Not only is this figure befitting of being called a "Prime" or rather "Convoy" in the Jap series... the icing on the cake for this particular fig is the fact that it actually housed "The Matrix" inside it's chest compartment...making it the very first Prime fig with "The Matrix"!!!

Big Convoy's - Beast Mode

Since i have mentioned countless times that i am not a big fan of any completely Jap TF series... this is no different as well... I didn't bother to watch the series at all as i have had very bad experiences with TF series made by Japs.. the dialog are usually ABYSMAL!!! Hence i will be dealing with this particular character n toy solely based on the toy features alone and not the anime.

Transformation Instruction Sheet

Anyhow... ever since i first lay eyes on this particular figure in my local toy shop.. i went completely Ga-Ga over it!!! I bought my first original "Big Convoy" back in 2000 and was so impressed by it, i went on a hunt for the black version, aptly named - "Black Big Convoy". This particular figure is an Exclusive Limited Edition version of the original Big Convoy figure. It's color scheme is generally black with minimal gold trimmings n highlights. The third and final piece that i've obtained from the "Big Convoy" mold is a Transformers Universe version of this figure named - "Nemesis Prime" back in 2003. This latest addition is the only figure of this mold released by Hasbro under the TFU banner. Although it suffers from the usual Hasbro faults of suffering from loose joint syndrome... It doesn't bother me too much, especially when i am an "All Prime Collector" and this particular mold is one of my top fav Prime mold ever...

I guess it's safe to say that if there is any repainted or reissue of this particular mold/figure in the future.. I'll definitely be one of the first in line to snag it :P

I will feature these figure individually in the future to allow those of u out there a better look and understanding for my appreciation for this particular figure.


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