Saturday, September 8, 2007

Transformers G1 - Triple Changer - Broadside

Tripple Changer - Broadside Commercial

CGI Broadside by Iaconcity

Autobot Triple changer - Broadside. Ok guys, for the very first time i'm gonna talk about a G1 figure with literally not a single drop of enthusiasm at all LOL. This A-Bot Tripplechanger figure have only one word to describe it.. and that word is "SAD"!!!

Aside from the less than inspiring robot mode... the vehicle modes r just too mundane to be used in any scenario at all.. like how often do u get missions that involved the sea except for the episode "Atlantis, Arise".

Broadside - Robot Mode

Broadside transforms from a Robot to a Navy Carrier to a weird Jet Plane.. All of it's modes are very uninspiring and just doesn't make sense at all. Of all the G1 Triple changers, this guy is the Fugliest of the lot.

Broadside - Vehicle Modes

To say that this bot is "Mundane" is an overstatement... he only appeared a few times in Season 3 in the US series and fade into obscurity. The sad part is, his name was not even mentioned but rather recognized based on his appearance alone... Although most bots that never showed up in the US series eventually made it into the Jap Headmaster series.

All in all... i can't stress enough how mundane this figure is and the only reason any hardcore G1 fan would wanna spend money on this toy is for the sake of being a completist. Atleast, for the sake of completing the group of 6 Triple changers. Let's just say that this figure is like the kind of figures u would tell urself that u will only buy it when u've already bought the more interesting figures beforehand...or at least when u r out shopping for toys n there's nothing to get and u don wanna go home empty handed... this is the only time u would pick up this toy :P.. In fact.. that was precisely the reason this figure is even in my collection :P


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