Sunday, August 12, 2007

Transformers Movie - All Spark Powers Figures.

With the world hooked on Transformers Mania... Hasbro is churning out more TF movie toys, The upcoming "All Spark Powers" toys is the latest wave of TF movie toys that are a mix of repainted, retooled and completely new characters with new molds. The figs in this wave are - First Strike Optimus Prime, Cliffjumper, Landmine, Stockade, Desert Attack Brawl, Night Watch Optimus Prime, Incinerator and Evac.

I am eagerly waiting for these babies to hit the shelf as the bots designs are getting better as they are starting to look more like the bots we love and not really fugly bots from the earlier waves.

First Strike Optimus Prime is a repaint of movie rocker Prime that resembles G1 prime's paint job. Night Watch Optimus Prime looks awesome standing side by side the original rocker movie Prime... His color scheme kinda makes him look like Ultra Magnus.. yet another repaint... But this repainted prime is not introduced as Ultra Magnus. But frankly speaking..i don care what he's called... he could be called Arcee's geriatric grandfather for all i care..I'll still get this figure LOL

Pics of this wave of TF are available at -


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