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Transformers G1 - Dinobots

Diaclone: "Dinosaur Robo"

Today's feature on G1 Tansformers are the "Dinobots" or rather originally known as "Dynabots" in the pre-earth Transformers - War Within series. The Dinobots are perhaps every Transformers toy collectors favorite.. I mean, what's not to like? it's made up of 5 of the most well known Dinosaurs... coming from the 80's when the kids are equally as nuts about Dinosaurs and Transformers... this was a match made in Cybertronian Heaven!!! Like most G1 toys... they very a repackaged and repaint of the japanese line of transforming dinosaurs toys called "Dinosaur Robo" by Takara. Thanks to Hasbro...these relatively unknown toys are being introduced to us in the Transformers Universe as the beloved "Dinobots".

As always, I'm not gonna go into too much details about the History of the Dinobots as u can prolly read em up in the multitude of sites on the Internet... In fact, here's a quick link to all things - "Dinobots" -

Transformers G1 - Dinobots

Ok... now that that's out of the way, i will talk about my collection of Dino's in a more personal perspective. The Dinos depicted in my collection here are G1 Grimlock, G2 Blue Grimlock, G1 Swoop, G1 Sludge, G2 Red Snarl, G2 Green Snarl, Diaclone Slag, G1 Slag, G2 Red Slag and G2 Green Slag. I guess from this collection of Dinos, u can pretty much guess how big a fan i am of the Dinobots... hehehe

I'm still missing quite a few dinos if i truly wanted to complete my collection of all the Diaclone, G1 and G2 Dinos. I remember vaguely as a kid having all 5 of the Dinobots... but they were never as a set of 5. i think i had to trade em off so that i could atleast get to play with each one of them at a time. My fav was always Grimlock and Snarl... I'm a sucker for T-Rex n Triceratops LOL

It's kinda ironic how i used to play with my Transformers toys and kinda bash em against eachother and not bother about it other then the enjoyment of playing with em. Heck, i used to bring em into my parents bathroom during bath time and play with em in the bathtub LOL. Ofcourse this would end up in massive wear on the decals and a bad case of "Cosmic Rust" LOL. I never bother drying em off either after playing with em in the bath tub. A kid's imagination is boundless when u give him a toy and let him cut loose..I was one such kid with a little too much imagination for his own good LOL.

The first time the Dinobots made their debut in the G1 Tv series " S.O.S Dinobots", i was like frickin going nuts. There i was, glued to the Tv set watcing my favorite Cartoon series and they are introducing Dinosaurs into the whole Transforming mix!!! Grimlock, Slag and Sludge were the first 3 Dinos introduced in the show. Swoop and Snarl was later introduced in "War of the Dinobots". The Dinobots personalities are further explored in 2 more Dinobots based stories in "Dinobot island" and "Desertion of the Dinobots".

Best of Dinobots from Transformers the movie

A testament to their popularity is the fact that they survived the chopping block when the Transformers Animated Movie of 1986 literally almost kill off every Autobots that we've come to know and love in the first 2 seasons of the Transformers Tv series.

Unfortunately for the Dino's, they are not often featured in the post Transofmers animated movie (1986)... with the exception of Grimlock making regular appearances. But not as the arrogant and powerful leader of the Dinobots.. but rather as a comic relief for the whole of season 3 of the Tv series. In fact he was even made a genius in the episode - "Grimlock's New Brain" where he was responsible for the creation of the "Technobots' and finally returned to his dim witted state when he transfers his super intelligence to "Computron"

Grimlock even go so far as to save the universe when he helped destroy "Tornadron" a being made of pure energy.. supposely created as the successor of Unicron by an ancient being known as "Primacron" in the season 3 episode - "Call Of The Primitives" this is my favorite episode in the entire season 3 series.

The Dino's toys have since seen many reincarnations in the post G1 series... beginning with G2 repaints, then in Beast Wars as a character simply known as "Dinobot" in both organic and transmetal II form. Beast machines also came out with a sub-line of toys called "Dinobots". Transformers - Energon also released a show inspired version of the Dinobots, but only Grimlock and Swoop was released and they have the ability to merge into 1 bot. The Transformers Universe line also did it's endless repaints n renditions on some of the earlier Dino toys and finally.. Transformers Classics released a "Grimlock" toy that's a tribute to it's G1 counterpart albeit an updated look. But the other dinos were reduced into measly "Minicons"... However, the future of the Dinobots seems bright as the upcoming 2008 Transformers animated series aptly entitled "Transformers Animated" are bringing back the Dinobots in all their G1 glory. So far test shots of both Grimlock and Slag have been shown and they look awesome. Hope to see the other 3 dinos being made as well. if this is so, this will be the first time the Dinobots are being brought back to the TF universe as they are in an updated look!!! can't wait for that to happen LOL

OK folks.. That's all for now... until my next blog entry of my TF toy collection... Till All Are One!!!


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