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Transformers Animated - 2008

With the whole world gone nuts over the whole TF mania, thanks to the recent CGI movie and the success of last years Transformers Classics line. Hasbro is bringing us "Transformers Animated" a new animated series that's slated for release next year - 2008 on Cartoon Network. The characters and designs of the bots in this series is heavily influenced by the G1 bots... with a twist.

I gotta admit that i was abit skeptical about the new look n animation style of this series. it's one thing to put the "Teen Titans" with this animation style, but to apply this style on robots...more accurately "Transformers'!!! I have been waiting for the past 6 yrs for a western based TF series since beast machines, bcoz i am seriously sick of the Japs take on Transformers since Transformers - R.I.D, bcoz the storylines of the series are very preachy and riddled with irritating kids.

Imagine my surprise when i saw the first released image of the new western take on Transformers entitled - "Transformers Animated". Prime looks like a mix between a Doberman and a Gorilla!!! Needless to say, there's a huge hue and cry over this new series look.

Transformers: Animated 2008 Preview

But everything changed ( well, atleast for me ) when previews of the upcoming series was released on this year's SDCC. The video clips above obtained from youtube are the previews released on SDCC. OK, upon seeing the previews, I must say... they don't look half bad in this very stylized "Teen Titans" look. But what caught my attention are a bunch of very interesting characters that actually makes me anticipating the debut of this series. The characters that appeared in this short preview clips are - G1 Arcee, Beast Wars Black Arachnia and the appearance of the g1 Dinobots!!!

Testshots pics obtained from

I am further convinced with the coolness of this series when Testshots of the toys for this upcoming series was released. I have to admit that i was wondering how on earth are the boys at Hasbro gonna pull off making the toys anime accurate and transformable. Boy was i blown away when i saw the pics of the toys at my fav TF news webste The toy figs looks awesome.... the toy pics gave us an idea that more G1 characters with an updated look.

Figs like Soundwave, The Dinobots and a sketch of a tripplechanger which is reminiscence of G1 Blitzwing and a bunch of other cool characters whose identities will be revealed in due time.

All i can say is... i am very very looking forward to this series as well as the toys that are gonna be released along with the debut of this new "Transfomers Animated" series.

More pix of the toys are available at -


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