Thursday, August 9, 2007

TF - Cybertron / Galaxy Force - STARSCREAM!!!

Ok guys, lets get the ball starting with me sharing my thoughts on my TF collections... and who better to start with but my favorite Transformer character of all time... "STARSCREAM"!!!

I have always been a big Screamer fan since it's G1 appearance.and none have captured his sneaky characteristics better then the late original voice actor of G1 Screamer - "Mr Chris Latta". His screachy voice is quite hellish to imitate as u would prolly sound hoarsed if u were to continue trying to imitate his voice.

Anyhow, Starscream's character and designs have always been a favorite of mine and that love for all things Screamer became even more fanatical when "Dreamwave" released the "War Within" series which dealt with the stories of Transformers before they crash landed on earth. the designs were awesome... Especially the seekers designs. They were reminiscence of the G1 cartoon cybertronian pyramid shaped seekers as seen on eps 1 of the Transformers cartoon series. The designs for the look of the pre- earth Transformers designs falls on the shoulders of a talented young comic book artist named - "Don Figueroa.". This design is later produced under the 6" Titanium line. But i won't talk about that here now..:)

The reason why i love TF GF/Cybertron's Starscream as my fav figure and the 1st toy i choose in my collection to talk about is... This is actually the very first Starscream figure that's been made to look some wHat similar to that of the "War Within" Screamer/Seekers designs.

The robot mode looks very impressive and majestic, very befitting of the character that is Starscream.The Cybertronian jet mode is just as impressive. Sadly, the toy in it's robot mode suffers from the lack of articulations on it's arms. It's simply a case of "Style over Substance"...i guess the later lost out. But no biggie to me.. i can live with a minor sacrifice on such an awesome looking toy design.

Honestly, i much prefer this deluxe sized Screamer rather than the super sized
"Supreme (King) Starscream"... I find that figure too cumbersome.. but a sweet mold nonetheless....and paying homage to his 1986' animated Transformers - The Movie, "Starscream's Coronation" look is a real treat to many TF fans out there... especially those who grew up and loving all things TF from the 80's

The Starscream toy depicted here is the "Takara" version... I never got the "Hasbro" version as Hasbro's release of the toy was actually released much later, and i simply couldn't wait that long for em to release the figure. The "Starscream and Vector Prime" 2 pack was never made available here in Malaysia as well. It is often very unpredictable over here for us TF fans and collectors. We are never sure if we will get certain so called "Store Exclusive" figures from Hasbro.. But that is never the case with Takara's TF's. There is a 100% certainty of obtaining them here, especially the E-Hobby figs.. But ofcourse when the local Hasbro destributors do bring in some unexpected figures... it is snapped up really really fast.

One such figure to look out for is the re-painted MP-03 TakaraTomy's Starscream to it's original anime accurate colors by Hasbro. Since this too is a "Store Exclusive" toy, we are not sure if we are getting it here locally.

Ok then, that's it for now... i am almost certain that i will be talking a heck lot more about Starscream since aside from the multitude of toy versions of Prime and Megs that i collect... Screamer also belonged to my category of must have figure to have...and i mean every single version i could get my hands on :)

So until the day i post another toy pic of Screamer and talk about how engrossed i am with it...

..Till All Are One!!!


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