Thursday, April 10, 2008

Transformers - G1 - Mirage

CGI G1 Mirage by Iaconcity

G1 Mirage is one of the more memorable Autobots who gets more screen time than the other more mundane Autobots from Season 1 and 2. He is often remembered as the original reluctant fighter for the Autobot cause as he would rather spend his time and energy finding a way back to his beloved home world of Cybertron. For some unknown reason, he's one of the more beloved character to fans and collectors, in terms of the animation and the toy.

Like most of the G1 season 1 and 2 Transformers toys... Mirage's mold is taken from a Pre-Transformers line of toys from Japan owned by Takara known as Diaclone. But unlike most Diaclone toys. Mirage was one of the very few who do not come with a repainted version unlike some of the other figures like Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.

I remember owning a Mirage toy as a kid but i seriously cannot remember how i obtained it in the first place. if u have been reading my blog before, you would have known by now that the most deeply rooted memories of me and my TF toys is the one where i was playing with em in my parents bathroom's bathtub LOL!!!

I remember drying them up after playing with em in the water.. ECKS... GOD FORBID!!! LOL. When i said drying em off..i actually mean just chucking em into a plastic bag where all my die-cast TF toys are haphazardly piled up inside the plastic bag clinkitty clanking against eachother and getting it's paint job scratched and decals peeled!!! Alas i gave em all away at the beginning of 1990.

I got reunited with a toy of G1 Mirage back in 2001. I happen to met a guy who was fascinated that there r ppl still collecting vintage TF toys. But ofcourse.. to this guy it means a 20++ yr old toy that he's had since childhood that is pretty much junk to him. He was willing to trade it for a single "Spawn" action figure. I had to be brain damage if i were to refused this offer... ofcourse i jumped at it and accepted his offer with gusto LOL!!

Ofcourse the toy didn't come in superb pristine condition.. but at least it is not badly tarnished or damaged in any way. All it was suffering from was just "Loose Joint Syndrome". It was easily and swiftly fixed and when the guy came back over to my place the next day..he was amazed that his former super loose n flingy toy is now tight and all new and cleaned up LOL!!! Mirage have been with me ever since and he is one of 3 very very elusive TF Autobot toy that have not seen the light of day in the reissue list. The other two being Wheeljack and Sunstreaker. supposedly these three original molds have been missing or destroyed... but we know that had never stopped "Haskaramy" before.. It's doable if they wanted to do it :p

CGI WW-Mirage by Iaconcity

This here is a CGI image of Mirage in his Cybertronian mode.. pretty nifty indeed... pretty much inspired by "Don Figueroa's" depiction of the pre-earth Transformers in their original Cybertronian mold in the "Transformers - War Within" comic book series. I wouldn't mind if Haskaramy produce a line of "War Within" inspired toys. For a time there.. the 6" Titanium series seems to be the answer to that prayer but the series tanked big time. But with the advent of TF - Classics/Universe 2.0 and Henkei... it would be awesome if this idea gets picked up again...

Ok, until my next post.. "Till All Are One"!!!


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