Thursday, April 10, 2008

Transformers - E-Hobby - Roadrage

"Roadrage" is the E-Hobby repainted that was reissued along with the normal release of the book cover "Tracks". Roadrage's color is actually the original "Diaclone" color for "Tracks' mold. I guess Hasbro decided to change it to "Blue" instead of "Red" as it would better represents the "American" image as the later would seems to be a bit too "Communist" especially during the 80's.

Thought this color was originally it's "Diaclone" color. It was made available in some parts of Europe as the official "Tracks" in the 80's. But this is believed to be a very rare find... especially in the days before the wonders of the Internet!! LOL

When the chance to grab "Roadrage" - Pun intended... since Roadrage is suppose to be a "Fembot" hehehe..okok let's get back to talking about the toy.

So, when Roadrage was reissued... i had to find ways to get it as it was not readily made available in the local market. It's hard to believe that only a few years ago, E-Hobby exclusives are very hard to come by. Since it was not made available locally...i had to get it from a nearby source, and that nearby source is "Singapore".

Owning this figure is a real treat for me as I've developed quite a fonding for Diaclone colored TF's :P I get chills when i pose both Roadrage and Tracks together as depicted above. I would have love to own the "Black" version if it was possible for me LOL.

Sadly, the "Black" version is a super exclusive "Lucky Draw" figure. Below are a few pics of the black lucky draw Tracks. You can view more pics of the figure at the link provided below the pics.

Pics obtained from -

Ok guys... hoped u guys enjoyed the pics and my quasi reviews :P


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