Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Transformers - G1 - Sideswipe

CGI Sideswipe by Iaconcity

"sideswipe" like all the other Season 1 G1 TF toys owes it's existence to a Pre-Transformers toy line from Japan called "Diaclone/Microman". This Pre-Transformers toy line actually comes with a yellow version of the same mold. I have often wondered if this repainted figure was actually meant to be "Sideswipe's" twin brother... I guess I'll never know. However,if repaints of this mold meant that they are related, I guess they would have to be Quintuplets instead of twins since there are 5 different repaint versions of this mold!!!


"Sideswipe" is perhaps one of my fav Autobot character in the show... mainly because he is always a very fun and funny character in the show. especially the dynamics between him and his vain twin brother "Sunstreaker"...

There is very little i can share about my history with this toy since "Red Alert" literally stole his thunder in terms of having a very special sentimental value in my heart. Considering how much less popular and unknown Red Alert is compared to Sideswipe.

But i must admit... i do like this color a whole lot more than red Alerts majority white paint job. Oh well, be that it may... I might not have a special story to tell about the acquiring of this toy in my childhood days. But i will always love this mold and will get it no matter how many different coat of paints they slapped on it.

I'm currently very looking forward to the Transformers Classics 2.0 AKA Transformers Universe toy line. It's generally a new take on G1 toys.. making em super posable.. the way they were intended to be in the first place. To be ANIME ACCURATE!!!


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