Thursday, April 10, 2008

Transformers - G1 - Tracks

CGI G1 Tracks by Iaconcity

"Tracks" is one of the more memorable and likable Autobot characters in the American G1 Transformers TV series back in the 80's. Not only was he a regular fixture in the show that was given more air time, but he had got 2 episodes of Season 2 that features him in it - "Make Tracks' and "Auto-Bop"

His personality is always described as "Vain" and borders at being a complete "Narcissist" as he is pretty much in love with his own sleek earth vehicle mode. The coolest thing about Tracks is that he's capable of transforming into a pseudo carplane. A car with wings if you will... The only other Autobot that is almost as vain as Tracks is.. would probably be "Sunstreaker"!!!

I don't quite remember how i obtained this toy back in my childhood days, but i distinctively remember playing with it as a kid in my parents bathtub. The "Firebird" decal was completely destroyed LOL.

However back in 2000/2001 when i was going nuts hunting down old vintage Transformers toys... I happen to find one that was put up for sale in a toy shop via consignment. Sure it was going at 100 bucks a pop, but it's condition was pristine and 100% complete with all it's accessories. I grabbed it without a second thought and it's still with me till this day.

When Takara reissued it in their book cover editions, i grabbed an extra piece just for the sake of having one that's MISB.

CGI WW Tracks by Iaconcity

Above is a CGI rendition by Iaconcity of the "War Within - Tracks". The War Within series is the brainchild of legendary Transformers comics writer - "Simon Furman". His writings was brought to life by the talented artist "Don Figueroa" whose designs of the Pre-Earth Transformers in their original Cybertronian robot and vehicle modes.

You can get a better idea of the "War Within" series here -

Above is a comparison of Tracks and the repainted E-Hobby exclusive - "Roadrage"... which is actually a "Fembot". This red version of Tracks was actually it's original Diaclone/Microman, Pre-Transformers color. However, back in the 80's... red versions of Tracks were made available in Europe...

OK, that's all for now.. I'll be featuring "Roadrage" in my next blog entry.. until then..


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Drexl said...

Hey there! Was surfing and bumped into your gem of a blogsite where i read about your Roadrage and Tracks.
I have been a fan of transformers for so long and i think you tribute to the G1 stuff is awesome. Anyway, recently, i was going through my childhood stuff and guess what! I found that i have a Pre-Transformers 1982 "Corvette Stingray" CarRobot Diaclone figure by Takara!! Its exactly like your Roadrage minus some decal. Its in a banged up condition cos i played with this when i was only 4 or 5 years old!! I still have all its accesories but a door broken off...I am on the way to restore it, although its stickers are all faded and the metal parts in its legs are oxidized. I am sure i can restore it (although not 100%) to its former glory. I have also found in my "treasure chest" Diaclone Smokescreen and Sideswipe. Smokescreen is in really bad condition...hahaha...will update you oks?