Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Transformers G1 - All Sideswipes

CGI Sideswipe by Iaconcity

It's been almost 5 mths since i've updated my TF collection blog. Mainly because i was a bit lazy to do so, plus i had to return the digital cam i'm using to my cousin. Got a new cam around January, but like i said..I was too lazy to update it, though i have been taking pics of new additions to my collection. Mostly TFTM toys.. and since everyone got those nowadays..i'll just gonna focus on my vintage and vintage reissues for now.

So now that i'm back... what better way than to kick it off by showcasing and reviewing one of my fav G1 Transformers toy mold of all time... "SIDESWIPE"!!!

The G1 Autobot twins Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are two of my fav Autobot characters of all time...both in the show and as a toy. Sideswipes mold holds a very dear and very first memory of a Transformers toy for me. That's because the very first Transformers i ever got for myself was "Red Alert", a white repaint of Sideswipe. But i'll save that story for when i review them as individuals..

G1 - All Sideswipes

Over here is my collection of almost all the different reissues of Sideswipe, with the exception of a G2 black Sideswipe. I'm still hunting it down. As you can see.. my collection consists of the G1 original red Lamborghini - Sideswipe, white fire chief Lamborghini- Red Alert. The other three are Exclusives/E-Hobby reissues of Diaclone colored versions of it that was released back in mid 2003. They are - White police Lamborghini - Clampdown, Black Lamborghini - Deepcover and yellow Lamborghini - Tigertracks. All are released by Takara with the exception of Red Alert.

Hope u guys enjoyed the pics... will be updating my blogs with more pics of my collection :)


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